Effective Ways to Eliminate Mushrooms on Dirty Clothes

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Effective Ways to Eliminate Mushrooms on Dirty Clothes | The dirty clothes are one nest of germs and fungi. Of course, we will not let the pile of dirty clothes there too long, we'll wash it off immediately. Either alone or with a wash laundry services. Either piece laundry or per kilogram.

But, there are some literature says, washing alone is not enough to get rid of bacteria and fungus on clothing. Then, whether we should always use hot water to wash? How hot?

Effective Ways to Eliminate Mushrooms on Dirty Clothes
Hard to find the standard guidelines for washing the water temperature, "said Dr. Alexandra Sowa, an internist at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital / Weill Cornell Medical Center.

Even the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) only provides a recommendation is not clear, such as "Washing with hot water is not always necessary for all laundry households. Read and follow the instructions on how to wash and use soap or detergent clothes and soap or detergent on clothing labels . Wash and dry the appropriate temperature listed on the label clothes. "

However, some studies show that washing does not have to always use hot water as long as we thought, said Dr. Sowa.

One study, conducted in the UK and published 12 years ago, showed that washing the clothes were very dirty from members of the house with water of 37 degrees Celsius using the washing machine household, as effective as using water hotter, to kill strains of bacteria Staphylococcus aureus.

Dr. Sowa said that the study also found that contamination with bacteria is very likely coming from the washing machine itself.

"To get rid of pathogens obtained from washing activities, the clothes should only be dried by heating the engine for 30 minutes, with the sun and ironed," she said. Dr. Sowa recommend you to clean the washing machine regularly with water and bleach disinfectant.

The trick like your regular wash, fill water mixed disinfectant in the washing machine, start the machine, only without clothes. Dr. Sowa said that she self would be careful when washing particular items such as kitchen towels and clothes for sick family members. She will separate the items from other clothes and washed with water temperatures of at least 60 degrees Celsius.

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