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How To Buy Gems Clash of Clans Without a Credit Card

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How To Buy Gems Clash of Clans Without a Credit Card | For the players of the game Clash of Clans (CoC), gems is a very important element. For this reason, many people are trying to get these gems in various ways.

How To Buy Gems Clash of Clans Without a Credit Card
To get the gems, the user usually bought by using a credit card. For those who do not have a credit card, there is an easier way to buy gems. Well, this time I will summarize briefly about the three ways to buy gems without using a credit card.

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1. Using Gift Cards
Although you do not have a credit card, but you can still buy the gems by using gift cards or vouchers. But it is quite complicated because you must have an email account from United States (US).

If you already have a US email account, you can buy it in the following way:
a. Open your account CoC
b. Open the "Shop", then select the "Treasure"
c. Choose the amount you want to purchase gems
    (Pile = 500, bag = 1200, sack = 2500, box = 6500, chest = 14000)
d. For payment method, select the method redeem / exchange.
e. You must enter a voucher code or gift card. After that, select the store.
f. Enter your Google password

2. Using Gems Charging Services
This method is quite risky, but it is quite easy. You simply transfer the money to the service provider charging gems. Then, you simply provide your email address and password you CoC account to the bank.

3. Using the pulse of your mobile card
You can directly use carrier billing to buy gems. However, make sure you change the payment method.

Using the pulse of your mobile card

Clash of Clan

in Indonesia at this time, pulse cutting method to buy gems CoC could only operator Indosat and Telkomsel. The amount paid users include VAT.

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