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Reason Train Ride So Smart Choice The Traveler | Speaking of traveling, of course closely linked to transportation. Without modes of transport, obviously you can not move from one tourist destination to another destination, especially with long distance.

One of the mainstays for the traveling public transportation is the train. From the first, modes of land transportation in Indonesia operated by PT KAI has been serving people to move from one city to another. In fact, although now seem more aircraft have to travel long distances, in fact, the train is still in demand to travel each day.

the reasons to take the train to be a smart choice for travelers

At least, there are six main reasons why people still choose railways as 'his fellow-traveling', even making it a smart choice. Let's find out 6 reasons following smart!

Here are the reasons to take the train to be a smart choice for travelers

1. Cost friendly
If compared with the aircraft, trains still offer cheaper rates. One example is to travel from Jakarta to Malang. On the same date, airfares are offered the cheapest service around Rp570,000 for Economy class. Meanwhile, the train offers the lowest rates ranging from Rp430.000 to train Executive class.

2. Easy Ticket Book
Not like the old days, people should bother to go to overcrowded queue at the counter of the railway station to get a ticket. Now, technological advances of PT KAI offers more ways booked train tickets is very easy, one through the online system. Currently, you are able to book train tickets directly via the official website of PT KAI or from the phone app that is already available.

Aside from the official website, you can also reach the online booking agents to book train tickets, for example in Traveloka. One of the online booking agents, air tickets and the most popular hotels in the country is already providing services booking train tickets now. The result of the cooperation of PT KAI to Traveloka make an online booking agent is becoming increasingly integrated to its traveling needs.

3. More comfortable
Today, the railway has undergone rejuvenation. The fleet is getting new and well maintained. For Economy class only, all trains are already full-AC now.

To train Executive class, the seat is no longer just a plastic, but already paved with foam (sofa) and arranged properly in aircraft (to train Executive class). Meanwhile, the leather-upholstered seat is provided at railway Business and Economy class.

The distance between the seat was relieved, so you can sleep more comfortably during the journey. It would be nice if you also bring a neck pillow to improve sleep quality time on the train. As the aircraft, but more friendly version of the cost, you can also enjoy a meal while traveling with the friendly service of stewards and stewardesses train.

4. Freedom of travel
Compared to a plane, traveling by train is clearly giving more freedom. Terms of luggage on the train is more flexible than an airplane. On the train, you can carry a lot of luggage in comfort without having to bother with strict security checking as at the airport. Placement of luggage can be very close to you, so that it can always be monitored.

Additionally, you can also bring your own food to eat and drink at will during the journey. Due to the wider area of ​​the train, passengers can converse or stroll in the carriage with more flexibility.

It is most needed and an added value to travel by train is that you are not required to turn off the phone or other device while traveling. You can be online all the time to drive out boredom. Do not worry if the phone runs out of battery power because there are already electric sockets at every seat passenger trains now.

5. anti as Loss
Compared to ride the bus, travel, or private car, obviously traveling by train will be free of congestion. Trains have their own line, so the trip you will avoid traffic congestion. Once roads, railways do not stop, except in the layover station and the final destination. When crossing the middle of the highway were jammed, trains can still run for another vehicle is required to stop waiting for the train to pass.

This advantage is also one of the main reasons the traveler choose the train to travel, especially over long distances. By train, you will arrive at its destination faster than other ground transportation. The atmosphere in the train is certainly more comfortable and relieved, you would not have to jostle with other passengers or suffering because there is no air conditioning.

6. Brief Travel in Journey
Your journey will be entertained by the beautiful scenery outside the train windows. The railway was built to penetrate residential areas, forests, valleys, hills, and even can float above the ravine or river.

With the track in such a way, you will have a view of a very interesting and entertaining. For this reason, the train windows in each row of passenger seats to be wider.

When you're on the way across the night to the morning, sunrise scene could be a romantic moment to accompany trips. Already conceivable background beautiful sunrise with hills, houses, forests, market, or the sea. You will not get this view if the plane because the scenery is visible only cloud only.

Well, that's the reason the train ride is still a smart choice of the traveler have you found above. So what are you waiting? Come, explore a whole destination in Indonesia with a train ride!

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