5 Important Reasons You Should Have a Morning Bathroom with Cold Water

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A cold shower in the morning feels like an undesirable activity by everyone, are you one of them? If so, have you ever thought that bathing in the morning using cold water turned out to also produce good benefits.

If until now you are still used to bathe in the morning using hot water, quoted from purewow.com, Monday (29/05/2017), here are some important reasons why you should turn it into cold water. Curious?
5 Important Reasons You Should Have a Morning Bathroom with Cold Water
  • Cold water in the morning is better than caffeine
    Maybe this sounds familiar to you, that a hot shower can make the body weak and sleepy. Cold water can do the opposite on your body.

    Cold water temperatures can make an increase in your heart rate, which also means increasing blood flow throughout the body. The good news, cold water can be used at the end of your bath ritual to increase body alertness before the move.
  • Lose weight
    When the body feels cold while bathing, it activates the fat chocolate that burns calories to make the body feel warm. A study in Scandinavia found that exposure to cold water can increase the metabolism of chocolate fat as much as 15-fold, which means at the same time can help you lose weight as much as 19.8416 pounds in a year.
  • Healthy hair and skin
    Hot water can make your skin feel very dry, while cold water can actually calm redness, reduce swelling, and close the pores to lock moisture. Bathing with cold water can make your skin and hair more radiant.
  • Feel happier
    A study published in the journal Medical Hypotheses found that a cold shower within two to three minutes for two weeks may increase mood. In addition, experts also found that cold water bath can be used as a treatment of depression.
  • Boost the immune system
    A study conducted by Virginia Commonwealth University found that cold water baths can increase the number of white blood cells that are useful to fight disease. This supports the results of research in Germany that found that people who bathe for two minutes using cold water are less exposed to the flu, than those who shower using hot water.

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