How to Prevent Virus Transmission via Flashdisk to Computer

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Flashdisk includes the favorite storage media of many users of computers or laptops. Not only because it is practical, but also its capacity also has equaled the hard disk or hard drive. But not infrequently, Flashdisk becomes a means of eating masters. Instead of giving benefits, Flashdisk can actually transmit the virus.

Serious? Yes, very serious! Is not annoying, if our computer or laptop originally clean of viruses, malware, and the like, suddenly we are not even aware of contracting due to Flashdisk.

The cause is autorun or autoplay function, when Flashdisk embedded into USB port. Basically this function by default is indeed lit. Then it is clear that the way to prevent it is to turn off the autorun function.

So, how do I turn it off? Check out the following summary.

Turning this function off by two approaches is to change settings in Windows and use third-party software. The first approach is more technical, so this time we suggest a second approach. There are many free software that offer the feature off the autorun function. One of them is Portable Windows Autorun Disable.

From the name can be guessed that this software can be operated without the installation process alias portable. The latest version of this device, 3.0, already supports Windows 10

Portable Windows Autorun Disable.

Turning off Autorun

  • Download and run "Windows Autorun Disable"
  • Click "All Drives" to turn off Autorun on all drives
  • Or click "Selected Drives" and select "Drive Types" to turn off autorun on certain drives. You must have at least one drive
  • Click the user level, whether Current User or All users to apply this setting change
  • Finally click "Disable Autorun" and restart your computer or laptop

Restore Autorun 

  • Click "Selected Drives" and uncheck all Drive Types
  • Click the user level, whether "Current User" or "All users" to apply this setting change
  • Click "Disable Autorun" to turn it back on, then restart your computer or laptop

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