Signs If Jobs and Career Takes Over Your Life

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Being dedicated to work and career is not a mistake. Because this is closely related to our career ladder. The more diligent and dedicated in the work, automatically we will rapidly reach the peak of the career.

But remember, anything that is excessive is definitely not going to be good. Including for work affairs. Too much work can also have a negative impact on your life. Not only health can be disrupted, your social life can become unbalanced. Brilliant career if you end up no longer have friends or family who can be invited to share.

Before it is too late, quickly know the following signs that indicate the job has taken over your life.

Signs If Jobs and Career Takes Over Your Life

1. The work more than 9 hours a day
According to Law No. 13 of 2003 on Labor in my country Indonesia, any company may only require employees to work for eight hours a day for five days and seven hours a day for working six days a week.

If there are jobs that require workers to spend more time than that duration, normally would be compensated more or overtime pay by the company. As we've worked more than nine hours per day, that means we have to let our time dominated by work. If only occasionally may not matter, but if every day?

That's a sign there is something wrong with the way we manage time and work. Try to study again, if we find that a workaholic, it's worth less. Many other things besides work that also need our attention, such as family and close friends.

2. Working on weekends and holidays
Another obvious sign that shows that our life is unbalanced is when it can not distinguish between workdays, weekends, and holidays. All day used to work. Is this healthy? Certainly not.

It's worse if we apply this pattern of work to clients and subordinates. Most likely they will be embarrassed and upset if we reply to emails, even sending text about work on holidays.

Try giving a break for your body and brain so that it is free from work. If there is no emergency work to be done, enjoy your weekend or holiday time. That way, you can go back to work more productively.

3. Do not have time to do hobbies
Back again to the problem can not distinguish the time and day. If all your time is spent working, when do hobby and recreation?

Providing a little time to do the hobby is important. Although most hobbies are costly, but the benefits we will feel later. Your mind will be more refreshed, and productivity increases.

4. Never spend quality time with friends and family
No human being in this world can live alone. There are friends, friends, family, girlfriends, and others who complement and encourage life.

When we spend more time working than quality time with dear ones, you need to be vigilant.

Who will help us when we are in trouble? Or who cares for us when sick? So, do not ever think that spending time with friends and family is not important or just a waste of time.

5. Never take annual leave
Each employee has an obligation, but also have rights. One of them is the right to leave. While there are important matters or feel tired and fatigued by work, use the right to leave it to rest for a moment.

Rights and obligations must also be carried balanced. Do not just demand rights than obligations and, conversely, do not just focus on the obligation to use rights. Loss!

6. Sleep uneasy at the thought of work
Each had at home, had a shower, eat, and get ready for bed, she imagined that in mind just work. Thought would work, let alone who was nearing deadline or must be resolved exactly fair. But, if you go to bed every night just thinking about the job, the new department.

7. Bring your laptop anywhere like me 😥
Age is more modern, and work even more easily carried anywhere with WiFi plus laptop devices. But it's not going to bring any laptop to work. If you find yourself doing this, then the workaholic appears to have entered into an alarming level.

Try to start reducing it. Intend not bring myself to open the laptop and when business hours are over. Enjoy a relaxing moment and gather with family and friends without being overshadowed by the work.

Have a sense of responsibility and commitment to the profession and career path is great, it means that we are serious and reliable.

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