Traveling Tips With Toddlers Using Airplanes

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For parents, weekends are usually the perfect time to spend with the kids. Are you planning a holiday with the kids this weekend? If the travel time overland to get to the holiday destination more than 6 hours, for you who have a toddler, you should consider using an airplane.

The reason, infants aged under five years more quickly bored during the trip. Travel by plane will be shorter and not make your child tired during the trip. Families can also enjoy the tour together comfortably.
Traveling Tips With Toddlers Using Airplanes

Then, what preparations are needed before flying with a toddler? Here are 5 tips to fly with toddlers.
  • Prepare a snack
    Children will be fussy when hungry, sick and feeling sleepy. For abdominal affairs, never compromise with children. When they are in full condition, it will make it easier to travel with children during the flight.

    Bring a healthy snack like a piece of apple or a snack like a biscuit with a salty or sweet taste. Also prepare sweets or bottles of milk, especially when the plane take off for siasati pressure difference so that children's ears do not feel pain. Place all the food inside the bag that is easy to reach.
  • Gift on the way
    Give surprise when the plane is a small gift for children. No need to give expensive toys. Small gift for children let alone given while on the plane will certainly give its own impression.

    Give a gift for his good attitude. Appreciation is worthy of children who patiently wait to check in to learn to stand in line when entering the plane with other passengers.
  • Tablets or gadgets
    If you're traveling by plane for less than three hours, you should not need to provide another tablet or gadget while on an airplane. You can take advantage of the entertainment already available on airplanes. Usually, some aircraft provide a collection of movies for children.

    In addition, you can also create your own games with children such as with a doll, a word game or a simple game that can be done even when in a state of sitting in an airplane seat.
  • Streets in the alleys of planes
    Kinesthetic type children will not settle for long sitting. When the plane has taken off, there's nothing wrong you also take a walk in the aisle of the plane when empty. Especially usually flight attendants prepare candy for children.

    Make sure not too long to walk in the hall because it can block other passengers who want to go to the toilet. The right time to walk is after 60 minutes of being in the air. That's when usually the children are getting bored.
  • Fly at night
    For long-haul flights of more than three hours or even more than six hours, it's good to choose a night-time departure schedule. So that children can adjust to bedtime.

    Travel so not feel tiring because children can rest during the flight. Use aids such as a sling or a special chair so that children can sleep soundly during the night flight.
It is also important that you must prepare a spacious and comfortable lodging for children.

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