Avoid These 5 Mistakes While Charging Smartphones

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Charging the smartphone is easy, but there are some things that can not be underestimated. If this continues to be done, it could be your smartphone battery will suffer damage is quite fatal.

Here are five mistakes that users often do when filling the smartphone as I quoted from Tech Times on Saturday (10/06/2017).
  • Waiting for Battery Up to 0 Percent
    Waiting for Battery Up to 0 Percent

    Not a few users prefer to wait for his smartphone battery runs out before charging. In fact, users need to remember their smartphone using Li-ion batteries that do not need to wait until empty to be fully recharged.

    If waiting until the percentage of battery 0, this can actually shorten the life of Li-ion battery, because adding voltage can make the battery so depressed.

    "Li-ion does not need to be filled in. In fact, it's better not to fill it up because the high voltage can actually suppress the battery," wrote on Battery University page specializing in battery testing.

    Keep in mind, Li-ion batteries are designed to perform well at capacity of 30-80 percent. So, when the battery capacity below 30 percent can be filled without having to wait for battery capacity up to 0 percent. When the capacity reaches 80 percent you do not need to wait until full 100 percent.
  • Not Removing the Smartphone Case While Charging
    Part of the battery voltage actually comes from the temperature so it's no secret that the smartphone sometimes turns warm when it's being charged. Well, removing the casing when the smartphone is charging apparently can help the phone and the battery charge is at a comfortable temperature.

    Apple once reminded users not to charge the device at extreme temperatures "We recommend avoiding exposure to temperatures above 35 degrees C or 95 degrees F. Because it could damage the battery permanently," Apple said.
    Not Removing the Smartphone Case While Charging

    Hence, it is better if you remove the casing of the smartphone while charging. The goal is clear, so the heat on the body of the smartphone can evaporate and not make the smartphone overheating. 
  • Sleep While Charging Smartphones
    Overcharging or a smartphone gets too hot when charging is a very common mistake. Usually this happens when the user charges the smartphone before going to bed and does not unplug the cable for hours, until the user wakes up.
    Sleep While Charging Smartphones

    If this goes more than 2-3 hours, this could be a problem. Because Li-ion batteries typically reach 100 percent capacity after charging between 2-3 hours. If this continues, the battery temperature may rise too high and certainly damage the device. Another threat that now often happens is the smartphone explodes. 
  • Not Paying Attention to Where to Charge
    Charging a smartphone anywhere seems to pose a danger. As mentioned above, Li-ion batteries have a certain temperature that can be tolerated. Well, if you put the phone in a place that is so hot, automatic cell phone temperature can be increased and it's not a good thing.
    Not Paying Attention to Where to Charge

    On the other hand, placing smartphones in areas with very low temperatures like in front of air conditioners can also cause problems. So, you should pay attention to the place when charging, not in a place that is too hot and not in a place that is too cold temperature. 
  • Wear a Plain USB Cable
    The USB cable used to charge is usually universal. This means one charger can be used to charge almost all phones. Unfortunately, you should know that not all chargers are suitable to fill all the phones.
    Wear a Plain USB Cable

    Some charger heads are actually designed to immediately break the flow of electricity once the battery capacity is 100 percent. So, you need to check back whether the head charger that you use is suitable for your smartphone or not.

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