Often Playing Mobile Phone Before Sleep? Alert 5 Risk This

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Playing a mobile phone before bedtime is an unavoidable 'ritual'. There's a reason to open the phone before going to sleep, whether you want to chat with your relatives in instant messaging apps, browse, or surf social media social media.

As a result, the schedule of sleep that should be on time so delayed due to too busy playing the phone. Apart from all that, the risk of playing the phone too long before bed turns out to be quite dangerous. Moreover, if users do it regularly.

One of the main reasons why opening the phone screen before bed is dangerous is nothing else due to the blue light emitted from the screen. This light actually helps the user can see the screen comfortably in the sun.
Often Playing Mobile Phone Before Sleep? Alert 5 Risk This

Well, if the screen is used in dark spaces, blue light is not good for eye health. Worse yet, could have an impact on health.

There are a number of health risks that users will experience if they continue to play mobile phones before going to bed every day. Anything? Here's Alltutorials.info summarized from Tech Insider, Monday (6/12/2017).
  • Brain fatigue
    Too long to play the phone before sleep turned out to make the user's brain exhausted. The risk may occur because the duration of sleep is cut off, consequently activity in the next day is disrupted due to the brain is too tired to work.
  • Eye damage
    Can not be denied, too long staring at the phone screen will definitely give a bad influence on the eyes. The blue light from the phone screen will make the retina of the eyes so tense.
    Eye damage

    In fact, a number of researchers and ophthalmologists concluded, the toughest risk of staring too long on the phone screen is that it can cause cataracts. 
  • Obesity
    Due to too long playing the phone before bedtime is lack of sleep. This, directly triggers hunger. The hormones in the body will automatically give you an urge to eat even at night.

    Inevitably, if it is routinely done, the body will receive the content beyond the limits set so as to result in obesity. 
  • Nervous breakdown
    Lack of sleep due to play the phone for too long also makes the neurotoxin increases. As a result, the nerves of the body will be disrupted if this habit is often done continuously.Nervous breakdown
  • Depression
    Of all the above mentioned, the greatest risk experienced if users continue to do this bad habit is depression.

    Depression may occur due to lack of sleep so that the hormone melatonin will be disturbed and damage the mood.

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