This is What Happens if You Eat too much Sweet Food

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Some people think that only people who have a risk of diabetes that has high blood sugar pressure. However, in fact not so, you who love to eat any sweet foods must have experienced high levels of sugar in the blood. So that affect the body becomes increasingly hungry, for example.

Reporting from the Bright Side, Friday (16/06/2017) there are some things that will happen if you eat too much sweet foods. If the following signs you ever experienced, should avoid eating excessive sweet foods.

This is what happens if you eat too much sweet food
  • Always feel hungry
    Increased blood sugar pressure when you eat sweet foods, can enter the blood cells. As a result, the body does not receive energy, it asks to keep eating and eating again.
  • The mouth is dry and thirsty
    A dry, thirsty mouth is a sign of the body's lack of fluids. The hypothalamus assessing the thirst rate sends signals to the brain. Therefore, you will always feel thirsty when eating too much sweet food. Drink plenty of water or tea without sugar.
  • Dry skin
    The increased blood sugar pressure in the body has something to do with drying the skin. What is the reason?
    • Excessive urine fluids can make your skin feel dry.
    • Nerves damaged by high blood sugar pressure can disrupt the normal working of sweat glands. So it can affect the moisture in the skin.
  • Difficult to concentrate
    High sugar levels prevent glucose from entering the brain, so the brain has trouble getting energy. This has an adverse effect on your concentration, memory and the way you make your decisions. 
Well, if you ever experience these things, try to start reducing sweet foods. Or limit the consumption of sweet foods so as not excessive.

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