Try 5 Fun Activities You Can Do With Your Dad

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Father's figure is a hero in the eyes of his children. Dad is also the first love for his daughter. Despite growing up, Fathers in the world still regard their daughters as sweet little princesses. It was little Father who invited you to play and move outdoors. Teaches many things about nature and courage. The activity that makes the relationship between father and child can be special.

In order for the relationship continues to be well established, it's time you enjoy time alone with the father. Reporting from MyfatPocket, Wednesday (7/6/17), here are some ideas to spend time with my beloved father.

Try 5 Fun Activities You Can Do With Your Dad
  • Picnic
    You can find fresh air by enjoying the beautiful natural scenery while sitting together and talking things together. Activity like this will give much time to talk from heart to heart.
  • Watch the Concert
    If your father is an art lover, you can invite him to watch his favorite musical performances. Almost every child has the same musical taste as his father. You grow by listening to Dad's favorite song so that it automatically affects your preferences.
  • Fishing
    If as a child you are often invited to fishing with the Dad, now when adults can not hurt to try again. He will be very happy if you both have the same penchant.
  • Taking pictures together
    Just need a camera and a tripod, you can spend time sitting in the park by taking some pictures together with the Dad. The eyes and the shade will be beautiful to immortalize.
  • Dinner
    You can visit the restaurant with Dad's favorite menu. This is a moment for you to be able to relax, have fun and tell a lot of things. Because for now, togetherness with you is the most valuable thing and want to get it.
Therefore, love your father as long as you have a chance before you lose him. Unlike me who has no father anymore because it died.

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