10 Strange Things That Will Happen To Your Body While on Airplane

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Traveling to a dream destination outside the city or country is fun. But, this activity often requires you to experience a long journey on the plane. In addition to feeling tired, a long flight, it is also has an influence on the condition of the body, you know.

10 Strange Things That Will Happen To Your Body While on Airplane

Reporting from brightside.me, Monday (10/07/2017) This is a strange thing that will happen to your body while traveling on a plane for the trip.
  • Swollen Feet

    Under normal circumstances, you can walk and move your feet freely. Unfortunately, when in the plane this can not be done. Especially if you sit choosing an economy class aircraft. The distance that makes the feet are not free to move this effect on blood that can not flow smoothly. This is why the foot is often swollen after you have a flight with a long period of time. Well, to fix this, make sure to do light stretching for several times. Such as a small walk or straighten your legs.
  • Flavorings senses Changed

    According to research conducted by a number of scientists from Cornell University, the work of the brain responsible for regulating the sense of taste will change during the flight on the plane. You who usually like with sweet foods can be more happy to drink sour juice while there. The noise of the plane engine turns out to be the reason for this change.
  • Bad breath

    Dehydration causes the mouth to produce less saliva. As a result, the active bacteria will develop causing bad breath. To prevent it, do not forget to eat healthy foods during flight or chew gum flavored mint.
  • Skin Problems

    Dehydration also causes facial skin to peel and break out. Air dries in the airplane and makes skin protection weak. Therefore, use a moisturizing cream while on the go to maintain healthy skin.
  • Headache

    Dizziness or nausea of course often you feel when the flight due to lower air pressure than on land. To minimize symptoms of headache, choose a seat near the window.
  • Decreased Metabolism

    Not moving freely also have an effect on the body. Constipation or flatulence may occur. This happens because of changes in the pressure that causes the metabolism to slow down.
  • Hearing Weaken

    Air pressure on the plane makes the ears will hurt. To minimize this, chew candy during the flight.
  • Tooth ache

    Many travelers experience toothache during flight. The reason is because of the difference in air pressure on the plane. Air enters through the toothpit hole and presses on their teeth. If you often experience this, you should go to see a doctor before leaving for traveling.
  • Bacteria Enter the Body

    Did you know, most of the fluid on the plane contains bad bacteria. To avoid infection in the body, you should select the beverage packaging offered by the flight attendant.
  • You Are More Anxious

    Excessive anxiety to be angry can also be felt by you during a long flight. Factors can cause from the sound of aircraft engine noise to turbulence. To outsmart, you should do activities that can distract you like reading a book, watching a movie, listening to music, or sleeping.

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