5 iPhone Camera Features It's Worthy You Know

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Although it does not have resolution as high as other premium smartphone, iPhone camera capability can still be optimized to take fantastic photos. In fact many iPhone users have not found or used the main features in the camera app. Are you included? If so, this article really suits you.

Citing the Picture Correct page, Monday (3/7/2017), the following features in the iPhone camera app that you may not know.

5 iPhone Camera Features It's Worthy You Know
  • Access the Camera from Lock Screen
    You can access iPhone camera by sweeping the screen from right to left from Lock Screen. In this way, you can save time instead of having to unlock and access the camera app, so you may miss the perfect moment.
  • Set Focus and Exposure
    To adjust focus, tap and hold the screen in the area you want. Automatically, iPhone will adjust the level of image exposure, depending on which area is focused.
    To adjust the exposure level, you can slide your finger up or down the screen.
  • Take HDR Photos
    HDR stands for "High Dynamic Range" With this feature, you can take pictures with more dynamic lighting range than the usual photography techniques.

    To turn on this feature, click on the top of your camera app. Once lit up, you can optimize this feature to take photos that have lighter portions of light than others. 
  • Take a Photo with Volume Button
    Unwitting users, taking photos by pressing the shutter button will sometimes make the phone or hand shake. Instead of using the shutter button, you can take a photo by using the volume button.

    In addition, you can also take photos using headphones that Apple includes in the sales package. Just press the volume button, you can take photos quickly. 
  • Burst Mode
    With this mode, you can take photos in a row. This is a great way to take moving objects. To use this feature, you just hold the camera button when you want to take a photo.

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