5 Tricks Make Your iPhone More Cool

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5 Tricks Make Your iPhone More Cool
Admittedly, the presence of smartphones makes life easier. But unfortunately, not all users take advantage of the smartphone with the maximum because there are a number of hidden features are interesting and unknown.

Currently a number of smartphone users only use it to communicate and play games. In fact, the use of smartphones can be more exciting if we can maximize all the existing features.

Well, for users of iOS-based smartphone operating system (OS), on the iPhone there are five hidden features that must be tried. Here's a summary as reported by T3, Tuesday (07/18/2017).
  • Guess the song with Siri
    Siri's virtual assistant is one of the exciting features that should be tried by iPhone users. Not only can Siri make it easier for users to call and send short messages.

    One of Siri's not-so-familiar functions is to guess the title of a song quickly. When the user is listening to a song and is curious with the title, then ask for help Siri.

    Give voice command "what song is this?", Then Siri will ask for a moment to listen to the song in question. Soon, the virtual assistant will notify the singer and the title of the song.
  • Easily disable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
    Siri's other "magic" is to help users turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The way it works is the same, which is enough to rely on voice commands.

    Access the Siri feature, then say "turn off Wi-Fi". Then Wi-Fi will be automatically disabled. The same is true with Bluetooth.
  • Speed up battery charging with Airplane
    Just like everyone else, iPhone users definitely want the battery charging process to run faster. The short way is to enable Airplane mode.

    When Airplane mode is activated, the battery life will last longer and make the charging process faster. In addition to iPhone, this trick applies to smartphones with other platforms including Android.
  • Stops music automatically
    One of the habits of a number of smartphone users is to listen to music when they want to sleep. So not infrequently the music continues to sound even though users have fallen asleep.

    To prevent this from happening, iPhone users can take advantage of the Clock app. How, open the app "Clock" and select "Timer". Then the user will see the option "When Timer Ends", then select "Stop Playing". Later, the music will stop automatically after the specified time in Timer is complete.
  • How to quickly take pictures
    IPhone users can actually take pictures without having to touch the virtual button on the camera application. This is because users can use the sound button on the left side of the iPhone.

    In addition to iPhone, the same function also exists on other platforms, namely Android and Windows.
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