5 Ways to Open a Smartphone When You Forget Password

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5 Ways to Open a Smartphone When You Forget Password
Enabling a password or security pattern on a smartphone is a very important thing to do. In addition to maintaining the security of personal data, lock the smartphone with either a password or security pattern also avoids the smartphone from the hands of ignorant.

However, it would be a problem if the user forgot his password or the security pattern it made because it was too complicated. Here are five ways to unlock Android that forgot passwords ;
  • Use Android Device Manager
    Android has a security service that allows users to control their smartphone remotely, ie Android Device Manager. When you forget your password or security pattern, you can use Android Device Manager.

    You can use a browser on your friend's Android smartphone or use a computer browser to access Android Device Manager services. How, you must sign in with the same Google account that you use on your smartphone.

    Next can open Android Device Manager link. There will be three options: Ring, Lock, and Erase. If you forget your password, choose the Lock option. Refresh if Android Device Manager has trouble finding your device.
    Use Android Device Manager
    After clicking the Lock option, you will be prompted to enter a new password that will replace the security pattern, PIN, or password you forgot.

    You only need to enter a new password twice to confirm your choice. Next click Lock. Wait 5 minutes and your Android smartphone can open with a new password.
    Android Device Manager
  • Use Samsung Find My Mobile
    You can also try a similar service Android Device Manager owned by Samsung, Find My Mobile. How to use it, first you open the Find My Mobile link from the browser, then login to your Samsung account.

    Keep in mind, this way can only be done if you've ever registered a Samsung account. Otherwise, this way can not be used.

    For those of you who have already registered to a Samsung account, click the My Screen Lock button in the left panel. From here, enter a new PIN and click the Lock button. After a minute or two, the screen lock password can be changed to a new PIN that can be used to unlock the locked Samsung smartphone.
    Use Samsung Find My Mobile
  • Use Forgot Pattern Features
    Forgot Pattern feature can be used if your Android OS is Android 4.4 down. When you incorrectly enter the security pattern 5 times on a smartphone running Android 4.4 down, you can see a message containing "Retry in 30 seconds".

    If you see this message appear, tap on the "Forgot Pattern" option at the bottom of the screen. Next, you will be prompted to enter Google account details. Enter the Google account and password.
    Use Forgot Pattern Features
    Google will also send an email to you containing the security patterns you use on the smartphone. Google also gives you the option to change your security pattern.
    Google will also send an email to you containing the security patterns you use on the smartphone
  • Create Lock Screen Experiencing Crash
    You can also open the lock screen of a forgotten smartphone password or security pattern by making lock screen crash. This method takes advantage of bugs on smartphones running Android 5.0 - 5.1.1 Lollipop. Keep in mind that this way can only be used in Android smartphone 5.0 and 5.1.1.

    First, press the "Emergency Call" option on your smartphone's lock screen. Then use the dialer interface to insert an asterisk up to 10 times. Then, you can tap twice to highlight the text you entered and select copy.
    Lock Screen Experiencing Crash
    Repeat again and paste it there, so that the star sign becomes doubled. Repeat this until the character limit is exhausted. Next, you can go back to the lock screen and open the camera shortcut. From here, drag the notification and press the Settings icon. Then, you will be asked to enter a password.

    Long press in the input field and select paste. Continue to repeat this process several times, so the screen lock will crash and allow users to access the entire smartphone interface.
  • Do Factory Reset
    If all the above can not be done, there is one ultimate way to unlock the smartphone, which is Factory Reset. But you must remember, if Factory Reset is done, all data stored on Android smartphone will be lost without trace.

    Way, you can go into the Recovery Mode that varies, depending on the type and brand of the smartphone. The common way to get into Recovery Mode is to turn off your smartphone and turn it on. When the black screen has disappeared, press the Power button and hold the volume down simultaneously. Next, you will enter Recovery Mode.

    After entering Recovery Mode, you can choose the Wipe Data / Factory Reset option. Then, press the power button to select it. When the process is complete, select the Reboot System Now option. Smartphone will return in a new state, such as factory settings.*
    Do Factory Reset

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