5 Annoying Behavior of Men, Which is Very Meaningful for Women

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 5 Annoying Behavior of Men, Which is Very Meaningful for Women
Does your partner always treat or show what makes you upset? For men, they are happy to see your expression while making you feel upset or furious. However, not all treatments are given continuously. Apparently there are some annoying behavior of men, who make the women smile themselves, as reported by Yourtango.com, Friday (25/08/2017)
  1. Checking your Cell Phone
    Indeed this sounds very possessive, but having a partner who is too cool also unpleasant. If your boyfriend occasionally checks your mobile phone, it does not mean he is possessive or forbids you from connecting with others. The man who loves you, often shows little concern to you.

  2. Tempting you
    Have you ever been bullied by your girlfriend while working in concentration? It sucks indeed, your concentration will instantly split. However, the seductive attitude of him is not intending to disturb you, he tries to remind you to rest.

  3. Criticize
    Not infrequently, there are some men whose hobby is commenting on everything. Criticizing some of your bad attitudes does not mean that he does not like what you do. The man who loves you, often commenting on your bad attitude, with your goal can turn into a better person.

  4. Forcing His Hobbies
    How often is your partner, forcing you to follow him to a futsal practice site? or invite you to play video games? Women tend not to have the same hobby as their girlfriends, but men often invite them to understand his hobby. They do that because, you want to stay with him even though he is doing a hobby that they like.

  5. Spoiled
    This attitude that often makes the women upset but, will make your own smiles. Men want more attention by their partner, even if you just met him. They want to attract your attention, on the sidelines of busyness by using a spoiled attitude.

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