5 Forbidden Things When Selfie, What is it?

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5 Forbidden Things When Selfie, What is it?
Self-portrait aka selfie is now a much-conducted activity by smartphone users in many situations. The goal is certainly to increasingly exist in social networking. In fact, to get a lot of signs likes from followers and friends, people often take pictures with a beautiful background or just strange and endanger his life.

Here are 5 things forbidden when the selfie you need to consider as alltutorials.info quotes from Make Use Of, Thursday (08/10/2017).
  • Selfie displays things that are Private
    While being self-self, people tend to show off something. However, try not to show things that are personal (such as kissing the cheek or wearing a pair of clothes too mini), especially if you want to share the photo to social networking.
    Selfie displays things that are Private
    Private photos invite hackers to violate your privacy. Think twice before you decide to expose yourself in a selfie picture.

  • Selfie in Bathroom
    Like other swafoto, photo location is important. However, many people often even choose the bathroom as a fitting place to take pictures.
    Selfie in Bathroom
    If you notice, not a few people who like to take pictures in the bathroom, whether it's in the bathroom shopping center or in the office. Well, it would be nice if you do not selfie in the bathroom.
  • Selfie Challenging Danger
    For the sake of the selfie who get a lot of signs likes in social media, people sometimes do dangerous actions. Even from these actions, it is not uncommon that to cause a fatal accident until death.
    Selfie Challenging Danger
    For example, the one who has ever happened is to want a selfie on the train track, but instead struck the train, or selfie with the background plane, but was hit by a truck. Up to the selfie with a pistol, but instead shot his own head to death.

    Spooky is not, so selfie lovers do not take pictures while challenging danger, ok ?. 
  • Selfie in an Unnecessary Place
    A lot of people are taking pictures in beautiful vacation spots, but some are taking pictures with a location background that should not be just for the sake of picking up the likes.

    For example, take pictures at the location of the fire, the location of the disaster such as floods and natural disasters, selfie in theaters when the film is playing, to selfie in a museum that is forbidden to take pictures.
    Selfie in an Unnecessary Place
    Well, selfie lovers should be able to avoid the places above because prioritizing ethics. After all, there are still many places that can make selfie results more interesting, right? 
  • Posing Selfie with Style Duck Face
    Posing with the mouth like a duck is much done today. So many, people get tired of seeing the style of selfie.
    Posing Selfie with Style Duck Face
    In fact, in a study reported in Business Insider page, enthusiasts duck face selfie style is identified more often restless, quiet, and emotionally unstable.

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