5 Ways to Make Password Can Deceive Hacker and Computer

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5 Ways to Make Password Can Deceive Hacker and Computer
The United States government changed the password recommendations for internet users. Initially they suggested to make password according to favorite word. Now they suggest to combine words with symbols, like 'c4tlo^eR'.

But do you know? Although for humans difficult to guess, but such passwords are very easy to read computer. An alternative way is done by making a random word like 'ts48nBZ'. But not everyone can remember a random word.

So, how to create a password that is difficult to guess human and computer? Here are some tips.

1. Create a Long Password

Citing the Lifehacker page, Saturday (8/19/2017), hackers have a number of smart ways and programs to hijack passwords. Usually this program is a database password that is often used.

To fix this, create a long but simple password. For example, "flying frog calendar" but without spaces. This password is relatively easy to remember because it can use the imagination of a toad flying over the calendar. To be more secure, use capital letters and numbers.

2. Password Test

After having a long password, it's time to test how secure the password is. A number of sites on the internet can help you like 'How Secure Is My Password' and 'How Strong Is Your Password'.
Test Password With Type 123456 and Maul123*

Both sites are guaranteed safe because it has tested some trusted developers. However they recommend first testing the password security before making it.

3. Use Application

Applications can help you create secure passwords like 1Password. This application can create a password and remember it so you do not have to worry.

Not only that, 1Password will detect how secure our password is. Another feature is to let you know when the password has been hacked. Other applications that can be tried is KeePass and LastPass.

4. Do not Save Password in Browser

Never store passwords in browsers like Safari, Mozzila, and Chrome. The reason, a number of passwords in Opera successfully hacked last year. Even Google accounts are also unsafe.

Hackers just need to pretend to be Google and ask us to enter a password. With a capitalized Google password, the hacker can use it to hijack all the passwords you use.

5. Use Two-Factor Authentication

If you are too lazy to memorize passwords, you can use the two-step authentication feature. For example the Authy application that allows you to add a layer of security in addition to using a password. This method is relatively more secure than sending authentication code via SMS.

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