6 Security Tips to be Considered Mobile Banking Users

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6 Security Tips to be Considered Mobile Banking Users
Mobile banking is a perfect financial management tool for very busy customers. This makes the use of mobile banking increasing in major cities around the world. According to a survey of Mastercard Mobile Shopping Survey 2017, 25 percent of respondents in Indonesia say they have been actively using mobile banking applications to make payments.

With the mobile banking application, customers can save, send, and receive money quickly, easily and safely. Customers also only need a smartphone and secure internet connection to be able to transfer payments anywhere and anytime.

In addition, some banks also present mobile banking applications that can be downloaded on smartphones thereby reducing visits to banks and ATM queues. Even so, the use of transactions through mobile also need to be supported knowledge about security.

Here are 6 tips for mobile banking security based on Mastercard official information that I quoted on Thursday (8/24/2017). 
  • Do not Use Public Wi-Fi Connection.
    The first rule of using secure mobile banking is to never use a common Wi-Fi connection when accessing banking applications. This is because the Wi-Fi connection in public places is not guaranteed security. In fact, can make the data in it vulnerable hacked by hackers.
  • Check the Website of Card Issuer
    This is actually not necessary, but for security can also be done to make users more confident that banking information and money in his account safe.

    In addition, it is also helpful to know who can be contacted when the customer feels there is suspicious activity on his personal account. 
  • Enable Account Authentication Service Banking
    Most banks have offered a variety of authentication services and devices. One of them is One-Time-Passwords that serves to perform authentication and verify the transaction process performed.

    With this service, mobile banking users can be better protected and transactions can be more secure. 
  • Always Update Mobile Banking App
    Updating the mobile banking app installed on your smartphone needs to be done to ensure that it has the latest security services.

    By regularly updating mobile banking applications, customers can enjoy the benefits and various features (such as enhanced security) offered in the latest version of the app as well as increased security. 
  • Do not Do a Jailbreak on Smartphones
    Doing a jailbreak to your smartphone allows third-party apps to access the operating system from your device. In fact, this has the potential to make other parties know all the information stored on the device. 
  • Enable Password on Smartphone
    Passwords are important for security. If you do not want a smartphone burglarized other parties, never forget to activate passwords or biometric security features to keep the smartphone.

    Setting a password is very important to apply, because in our smartphone all the data and information valuable, including about the financial stored in it.

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