Why Do You Need to Use Virtual Private Network? Here's the Reason!

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Why Do You Need to Use Virtual Private Network? Here's the Reason!
The most widely known virtual private network or VPN function is to access certain websites or services, which are blocked by geolocation. Usually Internet service providers (ISP) block a website or service on the instructions of the government. Moreover, VPN is not just a tool for bypass blocking. VPN is arguably one of the "compulsory weapons" for everyone who frequently uses internet services.

As summarized from Make Use Of, here are 3 Reasons Why You Should Use VPN when online in cyberspace.

  • Improve Security
    Virtually all VPNs apply standard encryption, so the incoming and outgoing data from and to your smartphone or gadget, will not leak out of hand. Search history, online transactions, emails, and various other activities, hidden by VPN.

    Even if a cyber criminal is lurking you, at least the presence of VPN adds a layer of security that must be penetrated by cyber criminals. It must first solve the VPN encryption.
  • Prevent Tracking
    Realized or not, companies classmates Facebook, Google, and Twitter tracking the users. Easy example for example, when in the timeline you see the content A news links, clicking, then read it, then you can be sure next in linimasa you will have more other content relevant to the A content.

    Is that so? Yes it is. This is a simple example of the application of artificial intelligence. Furthermore, the data obtained from the tracking will be processed in such a way as to form a "profile" of the user.

    What's in it for Facebook and friends to track their own users? They offer their "profile" to advertisers.

    It's more like this, "We're a great medium for you to advertise, every ad has high relevance to our millions of users. What are you waiting for!"

    The VPN encrypts data sent from your device to the server (server) Facebook and friends. That is, search history and other activities related to Facebook, will not be able to be read by Facebook and friends because the traffic received by their servers comes from IP Address VPN.
  • Bypass Block Geo location   
    As mentioned at the beginning of the post, VPNs can bypass the geolocation blocks. That is, internet-based services that ISP blocked in a region, can be accessed via VPN.
    Bypass Block Geo location

    But this has started to reap the pros and cons since last year. China, where Google services are blocked, start turning off VPN this year. In fact, Apple began to comply with local regulations will remove VPN services from the App Store in China.

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