5 Best Natural Swimming Pools in Indonesia

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Swimming is one of the activities you can do to refresh your body and mind during the holidays later. In addition to visiting the artificial pool, there's nothing wrong if you also drop in to destinations in Indonesia that offers the beauty of a natural swimming pool.

In addition to being content to play water in a pool that is formed from a natural process is not man-made, you can also enjoy the beauty of the panorama around there. Location of the pool is usually located in the wild. For those of you who are bored with frenetic urban will definitely love this destination.

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1. Umbul Ponggok Klaten

Umbul Ponggok Klaten
This holiday destination became famous among travelers in mid-2016. Umbul Ponggok Klaten offers a refreshing sensation of swimming in a pool derived from natural springs. The water there is very clear and fresh. In addition to snorkeling and swimming, you should not miss the opportunity to conduct an underwater photo session complete with the property already provided by the manager of this sights.

2. Umbul Manten Klaten

Umbul Manten Klaten
Still located in Klaten, Central Java, Umbul Manten also entered the list of the best natural swimming pool in Indonesia. Although not as wide as Umbul Ponggok, the beauty of Umbul Manten you can not look at one eye. The water there is still very clean and clarity. No wonder if you can see clearly the contents of the pool with the naked eye. Although hundreds of fish live in the pond, the water that is there does not smell fishy. So no need to worry when swimming in this Umbul Manten.

3. Bah Damanik Medan

Bah Damanik Medan
Bah Damanik is a famous natural bathing place in Medan, North Sumatra. The location is in Sidamanik, Simalungun, Pematang Siantar. Those of you who crave the calming holiday atmosphere of the city will certainly be happy to come to this place. In addition to its location is far from urban, natural atmosphere that is still awake authenticity makes the mind and body feel relaxed again. In addition to swimming or bathing, you can relax all day enjoying the fresh and cool air there.

4. Citaman Spring

Citaman Spring
Citaman Spring located in Pandeglang, Banten has been around since 2500 years ago. Even so, the water quality in this natural swimming pool is still very awake clarity and purity. Locals call this place as an ice water bath because of its cold temperature. No need to wonder about this. Therefore, the source of water that is there is derived from Mount Pulosari. For you who want to release fatigue and stress, there's no harm to stop by here!

5. Queen Waterfall

Queen Waterfall
Actually the name of this place is the Waterfall of Tears Jitu. Called Queen Waterfall because Lady Diana had visited this natural swimming pool as a holiday destination. This is proof that the beauty of this place is well known to foreign travelers. While there, you will be treated to beautiful scenery that creates kerkesima created from the swift stream that descends into the stumbling stalactite and stalagmite stones. The water is very clear. Not only that, the natural pool is located in Sumbawa is also surrounded by shady trees that make the air there so it feels cool and fresh.

In addition to this natural swimming pool, there are many exciting destinations that you can find in Indonesia

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