6 Ways to Overcome Lag While Playing Mobile Legends

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6 Ways to Overcome Lag While Playing Mobile Legends
When leisure time and confused what to do, play Mobile Legends is the right solution. Because online games MOBA flavor in this smartphone allows us to play with my friends.

As an online game, playing Mobile Legends is not always smooth. There are times when slow networks make the game a lag and make our team lose. Therefore alltutorials will give you a way to overcome the lag when playing Mobile Legends.

How to Overcome Lag While Playing Mobile Legends

Lagging when playing Mobile Legends games can be caused by many things. The most obvious is the server itself, if more and more who play, can lag. The rest is network.

1. Check Update

As an online game like MOBA on smartphones, Mobile Legends routinely delivers updates to add new features and characters. Not infrequently, these updates affect their performance when played. 
Check Update
Although the update can be done directly when first opening the game, but it's good to update via Google Play or Apps Store as well. The goal is to make the data on the smartphone in sync with patch data on the server.

2. Enable Speed Mode

Enable Speed Mode

Already using WiFi, but still feels lag when playing Mobile Legends? Try turning off WiFi, and switching to a 4G network. Keep Speed Mode on. So far alltutorials prefer to play Mobile Legends in Speed Mode.

3. Change Graphics Mode

Change Graphics Mode

Not just a matter of networking, lag in Mobile Legends can also be caused due to large memory consumption. If you use High quality graphics, it will obviously get heavier. Therefore to overcome the lag when playing Mobile Legends, try to lower the quality to Mid or Low.

4. Clean Other Running Applications

In order to play the game Mobile Legends free interruption, you try to clean the other applications running in the background. So the consumption of RAM and network will focus for Mobile Legends only.
Clean Other Running Applications
Even if you intend to seriously play this game, it's good application is active to send notifications in the Force Stop. The goal is that as long as you play Mobile Legends game, there is no more notification annoyances that make not focus.

5. Turn off Bluetooth

Turn off Bluetooth

Do you have smartwatch or smartband connected with smartphone using bluetooth? If so, you should turn off the bluetooth connection when playing Mobile Legends. Because the data traffic sent via bluetooth can disrupt your experience play Mobile Legends.

6. Do not Play While in the charger

Do not Play While in the charger

For fear of the battery runs out, it is not impossible if you play Mobile Legends while ngecas. Though this can make the smartphone hot faster, causing lag. So let me not lag, do not play while in charge!!

Well, that's 6 ways to overcome the lag when playing Mobile Legends. If playing games without lag, guaranteed victory will always be in the hands. Good luck!

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