Do It This way, Your Smartphone's Battery will not be Damaged Forever!

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how to prevent your smartphone battery from being broken
Battery problems on smartphones until now is still one of the most complicated issues. Although the majority of smartphones are now equipped with large batteries, but still there are still many complaints and problems experienced by smartphone users around the battery.

Problems around the battery are wasteful, the battery is easy to drop, the battery is fat until the battery explodes it seems still often heard. There are several causes of battery problems, one of which is the behavior of the smartphone user itself. Often we let or leave a smartphone that is in-charge over time should, either because of forgetting or falling asleep. In fact, it can cause the battery to easily drop, grew until broken. For that, this time alltutorials will provide tips on how to prevent the smartphone battery so as not to be broken.


How To Prevent Smartphone Batteries Damaged

 How To Prevent Smartphone Batteries Damaged

Want your smartphone battery lasting and durable? And certainly will not be broken until whenever? Here alltutorials provide precise steps to prevent smartphone batteries broken :

1. Use Application "Battery Full Notification"

Use Application "Battery Full Notification"

First, explore the Play Store or the App Store. Then look for an app called "Battery Full Notification". Do not hesitate to install directly because this application you can get for free alias free.

This app is used when we charge the smartphone battery. When the battery is fully charged, this application will give us a warning and will bring up the notification. With the notification, we will no longer forget to unplug the charger from the smartphone.

2. Enable Notifications

Enable Notifications

After installing the app on your smartphone, the next step is to activate the notification and set it according to your taste. You can choose ringtones, shakes, to adjust the volume according to your needs so that incoming notifications when your battery is full can be heard clearly.

3. Smartphone Battery Charging

Smartphone Battery Charging

After all activated as needed, then you can charge your smartphone smartphone quietly. No need to worry missed because immediately when the battery is full. Will immediately appear notification for you to complete the process of charging. As a result, your smartphone is safe from risk broken.

That's how to prevent your smartphone battery from being broken. However, regular smartphone usage also determines your battery life. The above tips will help you to maintain the battery life of your smartphone. Good luck!

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