Here are the 4 Most Dirty and Disgusting Points That Are On Your Smartphone

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Here are the 4 Most Dirty and Disgusting Points That Are On Your Smartphone!
It's not a strange phenomenon anymore if we find our favorite smartphone in the hands or dirty places. The impact is clear, your smartphone is so dirty and dusty follow up to the narrow areas that may not be expected before.

Through this article, we want to tell you all, which unexpected dots are the nest of dust, germs, and other sources of illness. Get ready to find surprising facts about your favorite smartphone yes.

The 4 Dirtiest Point Of Your Favorite Smartphone

1. Micro USB Port

Micro USB Port

If you are observant to look at the bottom of your HP, then you find that there is a USB plug that is often used to connect the HP with a charger or data cable. Due to the small gaps, resulting in micro-USB area becomes very difficult to be rubbed by hand so that dust accumulates there.

2. Phone Speaker

Phone Speaker

The second part of your smartphone to watch out for is the speaker phone. Being so close to the ear, this section becomes a vulnerable point that brings problems for your body. How not, in addition to the narrow gap and difficult to clean, this part is also dark and difficult to detect how dirty and when to be cleaned.

3. Earphone


The following devices are also worth your attention. One device that is designed to stick to this body part will always be ensured dirty along with the increasing routine usage. Earphones always have a small part of the place where the dust and earwax are lodged. Mixed with existing dust, making it a suitable means of breeding bacteria. Always pay attention to the small parts yes for the sake of maintaining the health of your ears and body.

4. Touch Screen

Touch Screen

The last part is the screen of the smartphone itself. It's no longer possible to deny that touch screens are always a dirty part because they stick with the user's finger. Its surface will always be covered with body oil and dust from various sources. Despite the vast section, this section should not be ignored by you to be cleaned regularly.

That's the 4 parts of the smartphone that became the right nest residing its dirt and dust. Do not forget to share your opinion through the comment field below.

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