Hero 5 Most Commonly Used Top Player Mobile Legends

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Hero 5 Most Commonly Used Top Player Mobile Legends
Mobile Legends is one of the most popular mobile MOBA games among gamers. In addition to the interesting gameplay, in Mobile Legends itself also has a lot of heroes that can be used, ranging from Tanker, Fighter, Assassin, Mage, Marksman to Hero Support.

Each of these heroes certainly has their own advantages and disadvantages, and among them there must be some of the most commonly used heroes, either in terms of unique abilities or also because they are easier to use. Here Jaka will share some of the information that alltutorials knows about the 5 heroes that the Top Mobile Mobile Legends often use. Curious Any Hero? Check out the following alltutorials reviews!

Hero 5 Most Commonly Used Top Player Mobile Legends

1. Moskov

For you old Mobile Legends player, surely know that this one hero was very powerful at the beginning of the release. This hero is often found in almost every game. However, often over time, Moskov finally got Nerf very much, so the ability of Moskov not as good as before. Although getting Nerf, there are still many Moskov users, and he said, Moskov is now not much different from the old.

2. Clint

Besides Moskov, Clint is also one of the most used Marksman of Top Player. Great Damage and High Movement Speed, Clint is more reliable than other Marksman like Miya or Karrie. Uniquely of this one hero is the last skill or Ulti that can be used 5 times in a row in a short time.

3. Chou

In a team will certainly need the figure of a powerful and lively Fighter hero. In this case, Chou is able to fill that part. As his nickname is King of the Fighter, Chou is indeed a very tough Fighter hero.

Chou is able to defeat the enemy easily if it is in Full Item Build. In addition, Chou's skill can also make the opponent stun in a few seconds. Of course this will be very useful when the war five to five.

4. Hayabusa

If Hero this one, is obliged to enter the list of 5 heroes most often used. In addition to frequent use, Hayabusa also includes the most difficult hero killed. This is because Hayabusa has the ability to move from one place to another very quickly through the shadow it creates. Surely it is what makes why many people love to use Hayabusa.

5. Karina

The last one is hero Assassin as well as the famous Mage is very deadly. With great damage, Karina was able to defeat two or even three people at once. Moreover Karina has the ability to make herself immune to any attack, where it is quite helpful when dealing with the enemy. Karina is often used in the Fashion Mode for Grand Masters upwards.

That's the 5 heroes that are often used by Top Player. What do you think? Do you also often use the five heroes above? If you have another suitable hero to get into the list that alltutorials.info mentioned earlier, do not forget to comment on the column below.

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