How to Delete Android Gadget Default Apps

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How to Delete Android Gadget Default Apps
When just buying gadgets both smartphones and tablet PCs with the Android operating system of course we can see a lot of innate applications that have been installed. But in reality not all of these innate applications are useful for users and there are even some applications that are not touched at all, so the application seems redundant or futile. In addition to making it seem "crowded", the application is also commonly called the bloatware will reduce the space quota in the internal memory of the device so it would be better for us to throw it away.

But as we know that some default applications can not be deleted or uninstall easily because they are classified as system apps. But that does not mean we can not remove it because we can do it even though it takes a little extra effort. Then how do I uninstall or uninstall native apps on Android gadgets? This is the reason why Android gadgets are mandatory root, because the main requirement to uninstall system app is the gadget must install an application requiring SuperUser or root permissions.

Well one of the applications that can uninstall or remove system app is Link2SD. This application has many advantages such as can move application data to SD card and remove or uninstall system app on Android. But I need to remind you, if you uninstall the system app (especially those that have a vital role) it is not possible your gadget will be damaged or failed functions such as bootloop, or even brick. So do at your own risk! (Risk borne alone). Make sure you know and understand the function of the application before you intend to delete it. Okay no longer need to widen, just go to the scene to see the easy steps. Prepare the tools and materials first:
  • Devices that are already in the root
1. Before doing this make sure the device you are using is already in the root, because if not then the application will not be able to uninstall system apps. Okay now open the Link2SD app and look for a native app that is useless and you want to get rid of. In the example below I am trying to select the Timescape Widget app. Click the Actions button located there.

open the Link2SD app and look for a native app that is useless and you want to get rid of

2. A popup menu will appear as shown in the image below (left). Select the uninstall menu and the app will display a warning page like the image below (right) to confirm the removal of the application. Please reconsider whether the application really you do not need and really safe to delete before clicking the OK button.

the uninstall menu

Wait a moment until Link2SD tells you that the app has been successfully deleted. Now do the same in another application you want to delete.

Well that's how to remove system apps on Android using Link2SD. The impact that you can feel after doing this is that the internal memory on your device will be (slightly) more relieved than before. Please explore alltutorials.info to find other interesting articles. May be useful..!

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