How to Prevent Failed Download in IDM

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How to Prevent Failed Download in IDM
Failure to download in IDM can be caused by many things, whether it is a virus contained in a file that is downloaded or a network that is not good. Regardless of what causes it, Jaka will give you tips so you will not fail to download in IDM again.

Tips Overcoming Failed Download in IDM

1. Manage Connections

If previously Jaka never give tips Tricks Powerful Overcoming IDM Stop Downloads in 99 Percent by setting the Save to tab, this time another way. Namely by setting the connection used to download by IDM. Given the internet connection in Indonesia is still not stable, of course this is the cause of most failed downloads in DIM. How to resolve failed downloads in IDM due to connection problems?
  • Open IDM, then select menu Download - Option.
Open IDM, then select menu Download - Option.
  • Once open, then please move to the Connection tab.
then please move to the Connection tab
  •  Here, your task is to play the numbers found in the Default max option, conn, number.

Default max option, conn, number

But changing it is not arbitrary, but must adjust to the condition of internet speed you use. The benchmark of alltutorials:

benchmark of alltutorials

The smaller the number, the less your risk to fail to download in IDM. Keep in mind also, the bigger the greater the amount of data bandwidth suck used. So, in addition to overcoming failed downloads in IDM, you can also save bandwidth during the download process.

2. Turn off Antivirus

For some reason, IDM failed to download due to a virus contained in the downloaded file. Because it is connected to the PC system, the antivirus will scan files downloaded by IDM.
Turn off Antivirus

If you download files from the web that are less reliable, but need the file, please turn off antivirus while during the download so as not to fail download via IDM. Although there are many ways to clean the virus on the PC, but it would be better if you just keep watch with not download any files from sources that are not trusted.

Well, that was a way to overcome failed downloads in IDM. Hopefully useful for you who like to download hobby using IDM.

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