Understanding Of EDM Email Marketing

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Understanding Of EDM Email Marketing

Understanding of EDM 

Have you ever heard people talking about EDM and wondering what EDM is. If we search on Google then the EDM that appears is electronic dance music. But that's not what we mean, and that's not the field that we will discuss in this article.

EDM stands for Event Driven Marketing, Electronic Direct Marketing, Email Direct Marketing or Electronic Direct Mail.

Event Driven Marketing is when there is a change in the desires of the customer atupun individual, when important events or major events occur, and this has been identified. Where the event can change the normal behavior of customers and to his thinking, he offers reasons to communicate with customers.

A marketer, when he has a lot of knowledge, information and understand about his customers then the result he can offer more relevant proposals at the right time.

To make you better understand about Event Driven Marketing, this selligent page provides an interesting discussion that you can see.

When we talk about EDM in terms of electronic or direct marketing email, we are referring to a marketing tool for communicating a commercial message to potential customers or to existing or subscribed subscribers or also called subscribers already owned by their email.

You can also read the definition of direct email marketing from the SearchCRM page.

Electronic Direct Mail actually means packing via email or email marketing. It is literally a direct marketing of a commercial message to others via email.

Messages delivered include advertisements, offers, business requests, solicitation for sales cooperation, donations and so on. But more often it is an offer and a solicitation.

The purpose of EDM

The goal of EDM is to improve relationships by building brand awareness, build trust and loyalty and to encourage businesses to recur, for example, to keep customers interested in making purchases to those who offer it.

EDM is also used when one business adds an ad with an email message sent by another company to their customers. Emails that are sent are usually sent directly or distributed to many people / customers at once.

EDM is effective enough to create other people's interest in the products and services offered, keeping the business in front of potential customers so that they are not hesitant and ready to buy, and even to repurchase repeatedly.

Emails that are sent are usually on a regular and ongoing basis, this can sometimes make customers bored and sometimes annoyed with the emails they receive on an ongoing basis, therefore those who make EDM should do as much as possible to create non-boring emails, including by designing emails is as attractive as possible, both the design and the contents.

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