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3 Easy Ways To Overcome Slow Android Without Root

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3 Easy Ways To Overcome Slow Android Without Root
Android smartphones are fast and reliable of course be the dream of the users. But still, although now the majority of smartphone specs made super steady with processor and RAM upscale, smartphone problems slow or slow is still common.

It happens not because of deceptive specs or poor quality Android smartphone. Not infrequently, your Android so slow because cache that is too full and has not been deleted. For those of you who do not know, a description of the full cache is outlined alltutorials in this article.

So whenever your Android smartphone is sluggish, it may be caused by a cache full. For that alltutorials will give tips on how to easily overcome the slow Android without root, of course, by deleting the cache is full. Here are three easy ways to do it.

3 Easy Ways To Overcome Slow Android Without Root

1. Clear All Cache in Smartphone

Clear All Cache in Smartphone
To delete all cache data on your Android smartphone, first go to "Settings" menu → Choose "Storage & Memory" option → Choose "Storage & USB option" → Options After entering the "Internal storage" menu, press "Cached data" → Press OK once it appears "Clear cached data?".

2. Delete an Existing Cache in the Application

Delete an Existing Cache in the Application
Already deleting cache data on Android, you next need to delete cache data in some specific apps, one of them is Google Chrome. The trick is to enter the "Settings" menu → Choose "Apps" option → Select the app you want to delete cachenya data (eg Chrome) → Select "Storage" → Select "Clear Cache".

3. Use the Cache Cleaner Application

 Use the Cache Cleaner Application
One more method that you can use, especially for you who do not want to bother and want to submit everything on the application. You can choose some applications that can be used to clean the cache data is Clean Master, Cache Cleaner, Power Clean and some other applications. Everything is available and you can get free on Google Play Store.


That's three easy ways to overcome Android slow without root, by deleting cache that has accumulated in your smartphone. Now you can be free from the problem Android slow. Good luck!

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Android users would really appreciate this article. Increasing phone speed is crux in modern usage. If I'm going to buy buying stocks online, fast internet and phones are very important. Deleting cache is key.


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