Do not Panic When Smartphone Exposed to Water, This is the Solution!

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Do not Panic When Smartphone Exposed to Water, This is the Solution!
When submerged in water, the components of your smartphone can be damaged and its function so disturbed. Unless your smartphone has been supplied with waterproof features.

Ever did you panic because your smartphone was splashed with water? Panic because there is a lot of important data in the smartphone, such as photos, documents and video. Relax, alltutorials have a solution if your smartphone gets hit by water!

Smartphone hit the water did make panic. Moreover, jilka many important data in it. In order for you not to panic anymore, following alltutorials have a way to repair and prevent smartphones damaged by water.

1. Save in the Details Silica Gel

Save in the Details Silica Gel

Silica gel serves to absorb moisture. Therefore when your smartphone is exposed to water splashing and there is a seep into the smartphone, immediately remove all parts of the smartphone that can be removed and input into the pile of silica gel. In an emergency, silica gel can be replaced with rice.

2. Do not Wear Hair Dryer

Do not Wear Hair Dryer

Never dry a smartphone that gets water with a hair dryer. Because the hair dryer will fire hot steam that can damage the external components and in the smartphone. Not to mention if there is still water in the components of your smartphone, can spread more widely and the damage is getting worse!

3. Join Special Insurance Smartphone

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. You must be familiar with that phrase, do not you? Instead of confusing to save the smartphone that was exposed to water, why do not you make precautionary measures broken smartphone due to exposure to water only. The trick is with a list of TecProtec smartphone specialty insurance.

Join Special Insurance Smartphone

What is TecProtec? TecProtec is a special insurance that will provide additional protection from things not covered by the official warranty. When the official warranty only guarantees software and hardware components, TecProtec guarantees the protection of sata smartphones exposed to water, dropped, or lost due to being snatched.

Join Special Insurance Smartphone

You can sign up for TecProtec and get an official smartphone warranty at Erafone. So buy a smartphone with an official warranty at Erafone. Even so, this TecProtec protection is optional. Where buyers can purchase official warranty phones without TecProtec.

In the event of any party or person who forces or charges the TecProtec bundling unreasonably, the prospective buyer may report it to cs@erafone.com or via social media Erafone, iBox or Urban Republic.

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