How to Block All Types of Youtube Ads on Android that are already in Root

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Watching videos on Youtube is exciting. How not, on Youtube we can easily find a lot of interesting video content from many musicians or creative Vloggers. And fun again, we can also easily upload our video to YouTube.

However, sometimes our preoccupation with accessing Youtube is a nuisance. In addition to the number of non-quality videos, ads on Youtube are also sometimes annoying. Let's not bothered by ads, let's remove all types of Youtube ads on your Android smartphone!

Youtube Ads on Android

Youtube Ads on Android

Having 1 billion active users every month, Youtube means to have nearly a third of the total Internet accessers in the world. A very large amount. But apparently, for 10 years pengacuisisiannya, Google has not benefited from Youtube. So no wonder if Google gives many ad slots on Youtube. As a result, we as users become annoyed by the number of ads.

How to Remove All Types of Ads on YouTube

Previously, Alltutorials once gave you an article about How to Skip YouTube Auto Ads on Android Without Root. This can be done easily without root access. Meanwhile, to remove all types of ads on Youtube you must use Android smartphone that has been rooted. If your smartphone is rooted, then you can start trying the following ways to delete all ads on Youtube, Check this out :
  • Make sure your smartphone is already installed Xposed Installer.

  • In Xposed Installer, please go to the Download tab, then locate the YouTube AdAway module.
YouTube AdAway module
  • Once the YouTube AdAway module is installed, please enable the module in the Modules tab of Xposed Installer. Then Reboot.
YouTube AdAway module is installed

  • Done. Now you can watch videos on Youtube without any ads at all. In addition to Youtube view you become clean of ads, the loss of ads on YouTube will also help you save data quota. Already know if the ads on the smartphone that suck up the data quota?
watch videos on Youtube without any ads at all

It's an easy way to get rid of all the ads on YouTube. While if you want SKIP ads automatically on YouTube, you can try to read tutorials How to Skip Ads on YouTube Automatically. Good luck! Hopefully how to block ads on YouTube is useful for you!

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