How to Register Prepaid Card All Operator in Indonesia, Hurry Before Blocked!

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How to Register Prepaid Card All Operator in Indonesia, Hurry Before Blocked!
When you have a new prepaid number, of course you need to register. Well, the Ministry of Communications and Informatics (Kemenkominfo) starting 31 October 2017 to begin to impose new rules loh in prepaid card registration.

This time the prepaid card registration requires validation with the Resident Identity Number (NIK). Actually not too busy to do this process. Here alltutorials review how to register prepaid card all operators in Indonesia. Hurry up before it's blocked!


New Regulations and How to Register All Operator Prepaid Cards

This new regulation is issued through the Regulation of the Minister of Communications and Informatics No. 12 of 2016 on Telecommunication Services Customer Registration. This is a government effort to prevent misuse of prepaid cards.

Later in the implementation of registration you need the Population Identity Number (NIK) and Family Card Number (KK). This process is mandatory for new or old customers. Continue it can be blocked number? This is the full explanation.

How to Register Prepaid Card All Operators

How to Register Prepaid Card All Operators

  • How to register a prepaid card is done by sending an SMS to number 4444 with format NIK#NumberKK. For old customers, type in the format ULANG#NIK#NumberKK. Make sure the identity number shown is appropriate.
  • The registration process is successful if the data submitted has been validated. Even if you fail, you must make a statement stating that all data submitted is true.
  • Then after the validation process, the new operator can activate the prepaid number no later than 1x24 hours.
Note: This prepaid card registration process will commence October 31, 2017. All customers are expected to complete the registration process before February 28, 2018. If crossed the line, the customer number is at risk of being blocked and disabled gradually. 

The final word

Well that's the way of prepaid card registration all the operators that you must know. For more information you can read more on the following Kemenkominfo page link. Check out the rules before your number is blocked!

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