How to Skip YouTube Auto Ads on Android Without Root

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How to Skip YouTube Auto Ads on Android Without Root
As a social sharing platform that allows users to share and watch videos made by others, YouTube is now a platform of entertainment as well as a much-loved education. So no wonder if Google finally use YouTube to media monetize, so the ads appear on YouTube.

Remarkably, the ads on Google are integrated with the content so it can not be pushed aside. Let's not upset, let's skip ads on YouTube automatically!

Skip YouTube Ads

Unlike the flying ads, ads on YouTube there are by default integrated Google or in other words skip-able ads. Although only briefly, but this ad will interfere with your comfort when streaming music or videos on YouTube. Well, wait for 5 seconds does not matter, but the problem is how if you forget to press SKIP AD?

Skip YouTube Ads

Instead of waiting 5 seconds and have to press SKIP AD manually, it would be easier if you can skip ads automatically, right?

How to Skip Ads on YouTube Automatically Without Root

Without root access, you do not need to be bothered by ads on YouTube. You do not have to manually squeeze SKIP AD on YouTube anymore, because now you can do it automatically with ease. How:
  • Download and install APK Cygery AdSkip for YouTube. This app allows you to skip ads on YouTube automatically once done. So, no need to manually press it again.

  • Once installed, you need to grant administrative access to the Cygery app in order to run perfectly.  
Cygery app

  • Make sure you have Enable Cygery AdSkip. And do not forget you can Mute Audio ads that appear.
Enable Cygery AdSkip
Done! Now, every time you find an ad on YouTube, there's no need to press SKIP AD again. This method is useful for you who often forget so have to wait long until the ad is finished. With this app, you just wait 5 seconds, and the rest of this application will act automatically press the SKIP AD icon. Good luck!

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