5 Mistakes Using Money, which You Often Do

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5 Mistakes Using Money, which You Often Do
Imagining life without money is difficult, but that does not mean you can be extravagant. Money can be a major cause of stress and unhappiness in a relationship.

Reporting from mydomaine.com, Tuesday (28/11/2017), here are some of the biggest mistakes when using the money you still do today. Curious?

  1. Subscribe something
    When looking at the price of a single app subscription may not be expensive, but what if it bundled with all your bills for a whole month? The one published in The Journal of Consumer Research shows there is a surprising disconnect between expenditure and the perceived consequences of not giving up physical money.

    According to other studies, people who use cash are more focused on transaction costs, while those of you who use cashless payments concentrate more on purchasing profits. 

  2. Making unrealistic contribution savings
    The impact of not frugality will affect your future, which is also a source of extreme stress and anxiety. In one study, 29 percent of women admitted that saving for retirement was a source of great financial anxiety and the number one cause of stress in America.

    If you feel pressured to reduce time and save savings, be realistic about your contribution and make an emergency fund within your budget. Some items are not necessary to generate income or additional money.

  3. Unaccountable costs
    Many people tend to underestimate costs and fail to check accounts regularly to understand their impact on bank balances. Review the printing costs incurred by the bank and withdraw money as much as possible, in order not to make transactions using debit cards.

  4. Focus on the present
    True financial security includes income protection and growth, talk to professionals about how to protect yourself from unexpected problems.

  5. Create a store for health
    Millennial generations feel they will not experience bad health, in fact 63% of them do not have enough money to cover up the emergency. Try not to miss costs or health savings as a consideration or your choice.
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