Avoid These 5 Things To Fingerprint Sensors in Smartphones Durable

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Have a smartphone equipped with fingerprint scanner technology is indeed exciting. In addition to look sophisticated, you also do not need ribet-ribet input pin or pattern lock on the screen, so much faster and safe.

Because it's easy and cool, it's no wonder if you become more frequent using fingerprint. So, let the fingerprint smartphone durable, please take good care!

Do not do this to Fingerprint Smartphone Durable

Currently, more and more cheap Android smartphones are best equipped with fingerprint. But although many are cheap, you do not want to have to buy a new smartphone because fingerpint is damaged? Let not quickly broken, avoid the following things ;

  1. Registering Many Fingers
    One of the benefits of a smartphone with a fingerprint scanner is that you can register more than one finger for access. But, in order for your smartphone fingerprint continue to function properly, avoid registering many fingers yes. Just two fingers.

    Why is that? Because every fingerprint data you register will be stored in the smartphone memory. If the more you register but which is used only one or two fingers-that's it, will instead make your smartphone's fingerprint sensor to accommodate data that is not important.

  2. Wet Finger
    Make sure the finger you registered to access the smartphone key is not wet. Because it is an electronic device, something wet will make it quickly damaged, including fingers. Remember yes, wet and damp is different.

  3. Do not Scan Beside Finger
    In addition to fingers, the fingerprint scanner on the smartphone also allows you to scan other body parts covered with skin, such as ears, nose and lips. But, as the name suggests, just use your finger. A function redirect can cause your fingerprint scanner to malfunction.

  4. Do not Use Fingerprint When Rain
    Wet fingers alone is a danger, let alone used when rains or swimming. Although your smartphone is designed to be waterproof, but the gap on the edge of the fingerprint scanner can trigger the incoming water and damage the sensors inside!

  5. Scratch the Fingerprint Scanner
    Never fraudulently scratch other objects into your smartphone's fingerprint scanner. You see, the sensor on the surface of his scanner is specially designed to recognize the typical patterns that exist on the finger. If there is a scratched surface, most likely will make it unusable.
There are 5 things you should know and avoid fingerprint in durable smartphone. Hopefully useful and can make your smartphone can be used for a long time!

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