Stress and Depression? It's an Easy Way to Handle It

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Stress and Depression? It's an Easy Way to Handle It
Going through those days with stressful conditions is certainly not fun. If you experience it, immediately find a way to overcome it.

Unresolved stress can turn into depression. Then when the condition gets worse and you enter the level of depression, what should be done?

Launching the Real Simple page on Thursday (16/11/17), meditation and exercise are two easy and powerful ways to handle depression. Especially when both are practiced in everyday life. This is a finding of research conducted Rutgers University involving 22 participants with symptoms of depression and 30 healthy mentally.

In the study, each participant underwent physical and mental therapy 2 times a week for 8 weeks. The therapy includes 30 minutes of meditation where they are directed to focus on breathing while thinking about the past or the future, and exercise for 30 minutes.

At the end of the research, the results were published in the journal Translational Psychiatry, participants experienced a 40% reduction in depression, decreased negative thoughts and anxiety.

"This therapy can be done for life and will be effective in improving mental condition. The advantages of this therapy is very easy to do this therapy and do not require expensive "said Brandon who is the leader of the study.

Solutions heal themselves from stress and depression

However, the greatest challenge for carrying out the therapy is the time consumed by the various activities. It's no secret that the urban people go through days of activity and rarely have spare time for exercise or meditation. Now the first problem you need to find a solution is time management.

Try to make sure you have time for sports and meditation. But if your stress or depression condition is severe enough, you should take time off to restore mental condition so as not to become more severe.

Fill in the leave with exercise, meditation, rest, and other positive activities. Make sure you also communicate with the experts as well as the people you trust about your life goals so that everything can be seen in a mature and optimistic perspective.

May God bless us all

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