How to Stream YouTube Without Buffering on Computer

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How to Stream YouTube Without Buffering on Computer
The growing popularity of YouTube is spread to Indonesia. It's proven that many YouTubers are popping up with a myriad of creative ideas. However, there are some things that are the most annoying on YouTube and one of them is the buffering time. Is there a way to speed up YouTube buffering?

when it was fun to watch favorite videos on YouTube even halting and sometimes the buffering process is long enough. Actually no matter how fast your Internet connection, whose name the streaming process must be buffering because that's where the device reads the data which is then aired.


Here's Accelerate YouTube Buffering on Computer

Buffering is the process of downloading data while in our local storage which will be automatically deleted when the video or content is finished playing or when closed.

Therefore, the following alltutorials serve 4 ways to speed up the buffer process while watching YouTube videos on a computer. Here are the steps :

1. Using Extensions

Using Extensions

First download and install the SmartVideo extension for Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. This extension will give you smart access when you enter a video on YouTube and give you control when you're having buffering issues. so you can still watch videos smoothly based on your Internet speed. 

2. Use the HTML5 Player

Use the HTML5 Player

Second is to switch using HTML5 player which is an alternative of flash player. Unlike flash players that are wasteful of memory and power, HTML5 uses less memory and provides other media support such as phones and tablets. The trick is very easy, visit the YouTube HTML5 Video Player and at the bottom, click the Join the HTML5 link.

3. Use Google DNS

Use Google DNS

Third using Google DNS, sometimes slow Internet speed is not always the fault of its Internet provider.

4. Adjust Screen Resolution

Adjust Screen Resolution

Fourth is to choose a quality video on YouTube. The buffering process does depend on the source of the video as well, Youtube itself has a complete choice to determine the quality of the video, ranging from 144p to 8k. For speed in Indonesia anyway, if you want to smoothly select 480p with 1Mbps connection. As for 720p, at least it takes 3Mbps Internet connection to stream smoothly.

That's how to speed up YouTube buffering so you can watch videos on YouTube smoothly. With YouTube, you can choose for yourself what you want to watch, unlike the pre-determined TV show. YouTube is also a quality alternative to TV shows as it provides videos with a variety of themes. What do you think?

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