Is Dangerous If Laptop Continues On Charge?

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Unlike the PC that must be connected to a power source to be used, the laptop makes you more freely use it because it is equipped with a battery. So when the battery is full you can take a laptop road, and refill it when it runs out.

When compared to a PC, this obviously becomes more value than a laptop. But actually we need to socket the plug from the laptop after the battery is fully charged? Is it dangerous?


Is The Danger If Laptops Continue In-charge?

Actually that is harmful to the laptop battery is not the length of laptops connected to the power source or not. For Lithium batteries, which affects laptop batteries are the following :

1. Battery Cycle
The more often you let the laptop load 100% and use it up to 0% empty, then the faster your battery cycle runs out. For that, you should not often let your laptop to 0% condition.

Battery Cycle

During use, it's better to keep your laptop connected to the power source. Moreover, when playing games, FPS generated on the laptop more leverage if you play it while letting the laptop connected to a power source.

Note: The battery condition from 100% to 0% is calculated by one battery cycle.

2. Temperature
What makes laptop batteries quickly damaged is not the length of time the charging, but the temeperatur laptop itself. The hotter your laptop, the faster your battery will be damaged. Therefore, always keep your laptop cool!


If your laptop is often hot, you can buy a USB Cooler Fan to cool the surface of the laptop. Or, you can also unplug your laptop battery once the refill process is complete.

3. How to Store Battery
Did you know, Lithium batteries will continue to decrease even if not used! For example when you unplug the battery from the laptop and store it in the closet, the capacity of the stored battery will continue to decrease.

How to Store Battery

Note : The life of the stored Lithium battery will be longer if it stores it in 40% condition compared to 100% condition.

So, the conclusion letting the laptop continue in the dicharge condition is not dangerous as long as do not let it overheat. During the fair use, a laptop that is charged will continue to make the battery life longer lasting.

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