The Beautiful Cloud Carpet in Mount Kerinci, Indonesia

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Climbing Mount Kerinci became the dream of many mountain climbers. As the highest volcano in Indonesia with a height of 3,805 meters above sea level, Kerinci located in the area of Kerinci Seblat National Park does offer a great adventure challenge. The track is covered with forest making climbers need to know the navigation theory in order not to get lost.

Moreover, the climbing track will turn into a "channel", where the water rushing with rocks, when the mountain area hit by rain.

Mount Kerinci, which is administratively included in Jambi Province, also has several points of beauty, including a charming crater filled with green sulfur water, views of Lake Bento which is a watery swamp that is claimed the highest in Sumatra, and the background of the beauty of the towering Seven Mountain.

But the beauty of Mount Kerinci not only limited to it. Tri Hardiyanto, spokesman for the expedition team "7 Summits Indonesia in 100 Days" to Liputan6.com which alltutorials quotes some time ago said the three shelters of Mount Kerinci according to him also become a suitable place to witness the beauty of nature.

If the weather is good, when the morning in this place will be seen a cloud carpet that moves continue as the sun began to come out.

The Beautiful Cloud Carpet in Mount Kerinci, Indonesia

Traveler's Stay

Traveler's Stay

"Usually climbers can target camp here, before continuing the ascent to the top. Shelter 3 has an altitude of 3200 m above sea level, was open, if the previous shelter track is still covered by forest, "said Tri.

Tri also said, when the weather is clear from the shelter 3 also can be seen the view of the City of jambi, and if at night will be seen flickering city lights like firefly flies flying.

Photo: Dok. Tim Ekpedisi 7 Summits in 100 Days.

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