3 Reasons Why Airplane Body is White

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Data from the International Air Transport Association (IATA) revealed that there were about 3.77 billion flights during 2016. The number is increasing compared to 12 years ago. To my astonishment, the plane's transportation in the ever-busy sky every day is not so visible from below. Is it because the plane is white so vague with the presence of clouds?

Have you ever wondered why the plane is made in white base color, as the most dominant color? Most people may not know the reason. But there are several important reasons why the plane is white, as quoted from the page metro.co.uk, Tuesday (26/12/2017).

1. Related to Heat

First, white color brings advantages related to thermal or heat. Similarly, when you use a white shirt during the day, it is more comfortable than having to wear a dark T-shirt that can absorb more heat.
Ryanair Boeing 737-800 EI-DCL was landing at Manchester airport during Brian storm. (Source AIRLIVE)

White is able to reflect sunlight, and reflects almost all the light that falls on it. It gets better when applied to the aircraft to prevent the cabin overheating, and allows to cool the aircraft in a short time while in the sky.

2. Security

The second reason is security. The white color makes it easy for airport personnel to check for damage or cracks or dents on the fuselage. White can also show signs of corrosion and oil leaking point very easily.
Boeing 737 Max 8

The white color is also very good if in the worst case scenario, the plane must be in the water. In the water, white color tends to look rather than a dark color that can fade while in the water.

3. Finance

Third, financial reasons. The cost of repainting the aircraft can be very expensive and takes a long time. From a financial point of view, white planes tend to have high selling value rather than colored aircraft.

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