5 Signs Your Browser Infected Malware

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5 Signs Your Browser Infected Malware
Virus aka malware not only infects computer programs or devices, but also the browser. So, from where users can find out if their web browser has been infected by malware or virus?

Here are the 5 browser signs you are using that have malware.

1. The Browser Home Changes To Another Site
the 5 browser signs you are using that have malware

Each web browser will definitely display different display according to its provider. For example, when you open Google Chrome, the first you see is the Google search homepage.

However, if there is malware attacking the browser, could be one sign is the change in the initial appearance of the browser. Usually this kind of virus or malware attacks the browser when you download content, apps, videos, music, various other files from untrusted sites.

2. New Tab appears Automatically
Internet users usually search for information through their web browser application. Have you ever clicked on a text or image that automatically directs you to various sites and then makes the web browser open new tabs in bulk?
New Tab appears Automatically

Though the outgoing links in the new tabs have nothing to do with what's being searched. Usually it's a sign of malware trying to attack your web browser.

The goal is every user goes to the site. Worse, the link can also make users download the program or application automatically.

3. Loading Website So Longer
Loading Website So Longer

When you do a search, sometimes loading the website runs very long. If the internet connection is problematic, of course it is reasonable. But if not, you'd better re-install the web browser app to make sure the browser stays safe.

4. Appears Irregular Ads
Ads can indeed appear on every website you visit, because it can not be denied that the website benefit from the ads that appear. However, one of the ads that are not usually provided on the website is when the ads appear different from the content on the website alias false advertising.

False advertising that could be derived from advertising applications that secretly, unknowingly the user, has been installed on your browser. This type of virus commonly known as AdWare.

5. Browser Often Crash
Browser crashes usually occur when apps that run do not match extensions or plugins on your browser system. For example, flash that has not been updated, so the system on the website can not be fulfilled by your browser application. It is natural to be experienced.

The unnatural thing is when the web browser crashes when opening a website or blog light. Lightweight websites usually only 500 kb down, so it can be suspected to be caused by malware or virus crashes.

Well, for those of you who feel the signs above, can actually be prevented through anti malware applications.

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