Appear Ads.txt Notification In Adsense? It's What to Do

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Appear Ads.txt Notification In Adsense? It's What to Do
Nowadays there is a lot of ads.txt notifications appear on Adsense account, but some do not get this ads.txt notif.

What is ads.txt? If there are ads.txt notifications in adsense, what to do?

Ads.txt or Authorized Digital Sellers is an initiative concept from Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) to help ensure your digital ad inventory is only sold through authorized resellers (such as AdSense) that you have identified. This means that we give permission to certain parties such as Adsense to sell ads on our site so as to prevent invalid activity, and there are also Taboola and Infolinks also have this ads.txt notification.

The use of ads.txt is not mandatory, but recommended. You can save (hosting) the ads.txt file in the root of your blog domain. For Adsense, please create an ads.txt file by saving the google.com code, pub-0000000000000000, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0 (replace pub-0000000000000000 with your own publisher ID).

But of course this can not be done in Blogger because we do not have access rights to Blogger hosting.

If ads.txt notifications show up while you're using Blogger, then you do not need to use ads.txt, as it will not affect your revenue if you do not implement it.

But please go to the "My Site" page in the Adsense dashboard to see the list of affected sites. If the affected site does not belong to you, or you do not monetize it, we recommend enabling the site authorization feature, then un-verify the site.

Many Bloggers complain of not being able to use ads.txt and the good news is getting to the Blogger developer's ears. One of the Google employees has confirmed that this has become an issue on Blogger and hopefully can be released in January 2018. You can read the message here.

Let's wait for the updates of Blogger in the upcoming 2018.

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