How to Make Phone Calls and SMS without a Signal Provider

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How to Make Phone Calls and SMS Without a Signal Provider
Making voice calls/phone calls and SMS are two of the main functions of a mobile phone since its inception. Continue to grow until now into the smartphone era, the two main functions or features that began to erode with the many messaging applications that offer more features and convenience.

Even so, both the phone and SMS are still two important features because it is proven to be still widely used smartphone users until now. Especially for a sudden business or a high level of urgency, making voice calls is certainly the best and fastest option to contact the intended person.

By talking phone and SMS and realizing how important two things are, alltutorials this time will be for tips that relate the same two features. Yes, this time alltutorials will give you how to make phone calls and SMS without signal provider or operator.

Steps How to Make Phone Calls and SMS Without a Signal Provider 

A smartphone at least uses a SIM card as a provider. Without the signal coming from the card, it is impossible to make a phone call or send an SMS. Sure impossible? Follow the steps below to know how to call and SMS without a signal provider, and again .. Free!

1. First of all, make sure your smartphone is compatible to install Google Voice app. If so, create a Google Voice account by registering your Gmail account and your mobile phone number.

install Google Voice app

2. Also make sure you have Hangouts. This app is actually a default Google app. But if you do not have it, or maybe your smartphone has been rooted, you need to reinstall it in the Google Play Store.


3. Open the Hangouts app, then go to the Settings menu by pressing the three-line icon (like hamburger) on the top left. then select the Google Voice section.

Google Voice section

4. Enable Incoming Phone Calls option and Messages option to be able to make phone and SMS through this application. Go back to the initial Settings menu, then enable Answer on Lock Screen to allow phone and SMS to enter even if the smartphone position is stand by. Now you can make phone calls and SMS without signal provider, EVEN still need internet connection which of course you can get anywhere.

The final word

That's how the phone and SMS without a signal provider that you can apply for free. Now you do not need to worry anymore when you want to make an emergency call to someone closest to you even though the provider you are using is not no signal at all. Simply search for internet connection, you can immediately call your family. Good luck!

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