Tutorial How to Control Computer Using Smartphone

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Tutorial How to Control Computer Using Smartphone
Ever not, fitting crucial moments, suddenly your computer mouse is damaged and can not be used at all? It would be annoying if the incident could fit your work deadline or assignment.

If you ever experience things like that, you should immediately install Gmote application on Google Play. You see, this application is one way to control the computer through your smartphone.

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Maybe you are still confused, how to control the computer with your Android phone. Here are the steps to using Gmote that alltutorials have already been summarized.

1. Install Gmote

First of all, you're looking for Gmote on Google Play and install that developer named Marc Stogaitis & Mimi Sun. Then when you open this app for the first time, make sure you give access to Network Communication.

2. Install Gmote Server

Gmote Server
Then move to your computer, open your browser and open this link to download Gmote Server, download the Gmote server in accordance with the operating system used on your computer and install. You must also grant access to javaw.exe in your Windows Firewall.

If you will often use Gmote for your computer's operating system, you should check the box with the words "Automatically Run When Computer Starts."

3. Gmote Server Configuration

Gmote Server Configuration
When done, open the Windows taskbar, and click the Gmote server icon that appears there. You can access Settings to change your Gmote Server password. So if someone else has a network with you and happens to have Gmote as well, Gmote will ask for a password when he tries to log in to your Gmote server.

Then open the Gmote app on your smartphone and select Find Server menu. Once connected, the Gmote Server will prompt you for the password you set on the computer.

4. Utilizing Gmote

Utilizing Gmote
Now the Gmote app on your smartphone is already connected to your computer. You will be presented with buttons to control media, such as stop button, skip back, skip forward, pause, mute, volume down and volume up.

You can also make Gmote a touchpad of your computer by tap the Touchpad option. Touchpad feature in this application is quite complete, ranging from scroll with two fingers, scroll with the right touchpad, and click and drag.

There is also a Browse feature where you can view media files in your computer with Gmote. So you can directly select the media to play using VLC player and use playback button that has been served at the beginning.

That's how to control the computer through your smartphone

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