5 Dangers to Use Smartphones with Broken Screens

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5 Dangers to Use Smartphones with Broken Screens
Screen broken smartphone is very disturbing for its users. Although not only damage the function of the screen, the fraction that looks very disturbing reality. Even. there is danger that can be caused! Here are alltutorials try to review the 5 Dangers of using a smartphone with a broken screen.

1. Decrease Touch Screen Function

Although still functioning, the rupture of your smartphone screen will certainly reduce the sensitivity to touch in the area around the location of fractions. Over time, the portion of the screen will be completely malfunctioning and instead run the risk of 'transmitting' the malfunction to other sections beyond the fractional area.

In addition, the habits of less well-liked users can also speed up the destruction of the touch screen function. Habits such as often wipe the screen roughly or keep the smartphone in a super tight pocket is an example of some things that accelerate damage to the smartphone screen, especially that has been broken.

2. Loss of Protection / More Vulnerable

The main function of the screen one of them to protect the parts or components in the smartphone. With the screen cracked, even broken, it can be ascertained in the component loses protection and will be more susceptible to damage because it is not 'wrapped' properly by the screen.

Take for example if exposed to water at certain moments. Smartphone will be more vulnerable damaged if exposed to water just a little because the water can easily get into the inside because the smartphone screen is in a state of broken. It's the same with dust or other potentially damaging things.

3. Risk of Fingering

This is unquestionable. Fractional smartphone screen, especially if there is a pointed tower sharp alias would be at risk of hurting the user's finger. Especially if you are a type of careless or hardcore gamer, then get your finger to be a victim if you still force to use a smartphone with broken screen.

4. Risk on the Eyes

Using a normal smartphone is actually risky damaging the eyes of the user, if used continuously, with a distance that is too close and all means of use that is not good done for the eyes. Moreover if the smartphone screen in a state of broken.

The existence of fractions would make our views disturbed when viewing objects that are on the screen. As a result, our eyes must do more effort to be able to see clearly on the screen that broke. If continue to be done regularly, will automatically be bad for eye health.

5. Greater Radiation

We must have often heard the dangers of radiation that may arise from the smartphone. With a broken screen, the condition is believed to cause far more harmful radiation for smartphone users. Quoted from the Vest website, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) even claimed the radiation hazards emitted by smartphones especially with screen conditions broke.

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