Beware, 5 Skin Problems It Can Arise because Smartphone

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It is not surprising, now many people are addicted and can not get away from their smartphones, whether to call, play Instagram, Twitter, and others.

Smartphones also seem to be the right hand of its users in daily activities. Even so, the use of smartphones can also have adverse effects, one on the skin of the user.

Here are 5 problems on the skin due to the use of smartphones as quoted from Allure, Tuesday (16/1/2018).

1. Acne

Director of Cosmetics and Clinical Researh in Dematology at Mount Sinai Hospital New York City Joshua Zeichner said the smartphone we use is very dirty. "I've seen a study that shows our smartphone has more bacteria than public toilets," he said.

Smartphone, he said, is a magnet for bacteria, makeup residue, leather oil, and dirt and dust stuck to the smartphone screen.


"The existence of a phone call makes germs from smartphones stick to the face and cause acne," said renowned dermatologist Shereene Idriss.

To cope, users can use earphones to receive calls. Users are also advised to clean the smartphone screen at least twice a day.

2. Contact Dematitis

The smartphone casing is generally made of nickel and chromium. According to Idriss, nickel is a major contributor to skin allergies.

Contact Dematitis

"If you see a rash and itching on the side of the face or hands, maybe you have an allergic reaction to the smartphone," said the renowned dermatologist.

To that end, users are advised to protect the smartphone with a casing of plastic material and close the screen with a screen protector.

3. Wrinkles on the Neck

Keep looking at the bottom of the smartphone screen can cause increased wrinkles in the neck. "The delicate skin on the neck makes it very susceptible to wrinkles, especially if the user continues to look down." Along with the appearance of the folds, the elasticity of the skin disappears and makes the skin dry, "said Idriss.

To avoid these symptoms, prevention is necessary, namely to improve a good sitting position. Smartphone users can also use lotions that contain retinoids, glycolic acid, and sunscreen.

4. Black Spot

Exposure to blue rays exposed from the smartphone screen does not contribute to DNA damage, but a recent study showed an increase in pigment production causing early spots and hyperpigmentation.

If the user has melasma (dark spot on the skin), the heat generated by the smartphone actually exacerbates the problem, because it can be a trigger of uneven hyperpigmentation.

Idriss recommends that users use earphones alias is not directly connected to the smartphone, especially if he feels there is a change in skin color.

5. Premature Aging

Premature aging sounds very scary, but according to Zeichner, there are some data showing that rays, including from smartphones have a negative impact on skin aging.

"By creating inflammation, light can cause collagen damage and create wrinkles outside the age of the user," Zeichner said.

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