Introduction And Adsense Youtube monetization Criteria

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Introduction to Adsense Youtube

Youtube video site is a website that ranks number 2 in the world today, only lost to Google. Ever since the acquisition by Google, this popular video site has become one of their best weapons to make money, especially in their advertising business.

Youtube is visited by 1 billion people every month, and the number of videos uploaded is very much in number. There are at least 100 minutes of video duration uploaded by its users in every minute.

While in terms of advertising, already millions of publishers who become partners by advertising on videos that they upload to a website founded by 3 former PayPal employees named Jawed Karim, Chad Hurlay and Steve Chen.

The advertisers on Youtube also numbered to millions of advertisers. While the amount of money used to put an ad on Youtube reaches hundreds of millions of dollars. This fact becomes a real opportunity for video publishers to make as much money as possible from Youtube.

Ads on Youtube

You certainly have experienced where while watching videos on Youtube ads appear in the beginning and middle of the video either in the form of video as well or banner-shaped ads at the bottom of the video being watched. It is an advertisement from Youtube and the person who uploaded the video can we make sure is one of the publisher on Youtube Adsense, and certainly publisher can get revenue from advertisement in the video.

Ads on Youtube

The working principle of Adsense on Youtube is not much different from Adsense in website/personal blog. Where on Adsense Youtube ads will appear in the video. For each viewing amount, the length of the duration and the number of clicks determines how much the video installer will get paid.

> The types of videos that can be advertised

Many people ask, what videos can be paired with ads on Youtube? Almost any type of video can be paired with ads on Youtube. Starting from video tutorials, music video clips, movies, product reviews, travel, culinary and so forth.

> Strict copyright rules

Although all types of videos can be monetized, but Youtube provides very strict rules related to the copyright of the video.

Copyrights of concern to Youtube include images, sounds, music, video material, brands and more. If a publisher violates the rules, then Youtube will not hesitate to disable advertising or even close the video channel you have.

Copyright holders may also have the opportunity to file an objection if any of their videos are uploaded by others to a Youtube site without the consent of the owner of the video.

Youtube video monetization criteria

When you want to make money from Youtube then you need to know the criteria they want. There are some terms and conditions for a video to pass and ready to be monetized.

For information, on previous occasions we have become acquainted with Adsense Youtube so you have a little picture about it.

Youtube video monetization criteria

Here are some minimum requirements to monetize your own videos on Youtube.
  1. Content should be friendly to advertisers, meaning that the videos we upload to Youtube must be well organized and useful to the audience.
  2. The video is homemade or at least you've got permission to use commercially.
  3. Publishers may also provide documentation proving you have commercial rights or all audio and video content if there is copyrighted content. If you make the video yourself by using materials that are copyright-free then you need not worry.
  4. The contents of the uploaded video are in compliance with YouTube's Terms of Service and Community Guidelines.
images from Youtube Adsense

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