6 Cities in the World with an Amazing Winter View

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A tourist enjoys a whitewashed Garden Alexander landscape during heavy snowfall in Moscow, Russia, January 31, 2018. Street corners, trees, and snow-covered cars make Moscow look elegant. (AFP PHOTO / Mladen ANTONOV)
Winter becomes one of the seasons you may also be waiting for for a vacation. Enjoying the winter atmosphere by feeling the snow from some cities in the world, make you willing to spend in order to be able to enjoy it with family.

As winter arrives, there are some cities in the world that have beautiful scenery and must visit. Anything? Launch from the release of Booking.com, Wednesday (7/2/2018) introduced 6 tourist cities that will provide the best winter experience you can get.

So if you're looking for a cozy restaurant that serves hearty and tasty food, a shopping center, or a building with beautiful architecture that shines at dusk in winter. Everything can be complete you get by browsing the following destinations.

1. Stockholm, Sweden

In addition to being a design inspiration center, Stockholm is also a city that earned the Nobel Prize for its hospitality towards Scandinavians. No matter how cold the temperature outside, you will be welcomed with open arms from this urban city, where the medieval alleys, magnificent gardens, and the enchanting Royal Palace will make you eager to trace the city. From December to February, tourists have the opportunity to enjoy the snow and winters in the city area.

Where to Stay: Hotel with Urban Deli is a modern industrial style and is located in the popular Urban Deli restaurant in Stockholm. Being in the downtown area and near the shopping center is easily accessible.

2. Reykjavik, Islandia
Стоит ли ехать в Исландию? Конечно же да! Для туризма она прекрасна и летом, и зимой, в любое время года😉 Самое лучшее врем - лето: полярная ночь, зеленые поля на контрасте с чёрными горами🗻, солнца больше, комаров нет, температура +13. . Зимой тоже свои прелести: во-первых дешевле, во-вторых есть вероятность увидеть северное сияние, и конечно заснеженные пейзажи впечатляют🤗 а согреться можно в горячих термальных источниках под открытым небом. . А вообще красоту природы этого вулканического острова не сможет испортить ни одна непогода. Хоть и дожди с ветром здесь частое явление независимо от времени года. . Считается, что отдых здесь очень дорогой. Это так. Но кто ищет- тот всегда находит. Знаю многих людей, кто съездил сюда бюджетно. Билеты бывают от 75$ в один конец. Лучше ехать компанией 4 человека, чтоб арендовать одну машину на всех, без авто здесь сложно. . С туризмом я никак не связана😊Все рекомендации от чистого сердца и из личного опыта❤️
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Reykjavik is the capital of Iceland, where city life and nature meld into one. You can see Hallgrímskirkja church, one of the tallest buildings in Iceland, as if climbing into the sky like an iceberg, or when you can plunge into the geothermal waters of Nauthólsvík Beach and dry in an instant, before you even finish saying "Eyjafjallajökull "! January is the coldest year-round month in the city of Reykjavik.

Where to Stay: The Swab House- RÆTUR Apartment offers modern and trendy concept apartments that have kitchen facilities. It is a one-minute walk from Lauga Vegur shopping center in Reykjavik.

3. Edinburgh, England
Hello from the other side of the pond! Spent a few days in Edinburgh and absolutely loved it. With it being my first time to Scotland, I knew 2.5 days would likely not be enough, and I was right. I’ll definitely need to make a return trip to see all the bits I didn’t get to this time around! ⚡️ We spent our first (very jet lagged) day exploring the city and trying to stay awake, ending with a genuinely creepy ghost tour and whiskey tasting. The second day was another long one, but completely different - we got up early and headed out out to the Scottish Highlands on @rabbies_tours. Cannot recommend Rabbie’s enough - we had the best tour guides, a super comfy ride, and saw the most incredible scenery (Glencoe was my absolute fave!) on a 12-hour excursion. It was like visiting another planet. ⚡️ One thing that surprised me about Edinburgh was just how Harry Potter-y it was! I knew all the standard trivia, but I loved how much it felt like stepping into a real magical universe. I saw what I swear must’ve been The Night Bus, visited a loch used in the first Harry Potter film, found Tom Riddle’s grave, and uncovered so many other little magical corners. Edinburgh, you’ve won me over! Hope to be back soon!
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One of the cities that inspired many writers such as J.K Rowling, Barrie and Stevenson. This artistic old town has typical local cuisine, such as malt whiskey and fried MARS. During winter, Edinburgh can be a comfortable tourist destination in a café or bar while warming up with local locals.

Where to Stay : Across from the historic Calton Hills Park, The Hedges Bed & Breakfast is a traditional inn that provides spacious rooms with breakfast.

4. Chicago, United States

Dubbed the windy city, Chicago has the coldest temperatures in January to February. With Lake Michigan as an icon, the city of Chicago is becoming one of the earthy, friendly and abundant cities of culture in the United States. Do not let the cold weather deter your vacation trip in Chicago. You can enjoy the thrill of ice skating at Millennium Park or shopping on the hugely popular Michigan Avenue.

Where to Stay : Not far from the Michigan Avenue shopping area, Kimpton Gray Hotel is located in the heart of Chicago. You can warm up and relax in the bar which is in the rooftop of the hotel.

5. Quebec City, Canada
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Built on a steep cliff named Cape Diamond, Quebec city became one of the stunning winter travel destinations. You can walk the streets of the old city like in Europe, such as exploring the Rue du Petit Champlain which offers a variety of bars and bistros with a warm-hearted drink and a sumptuous serving of cuisine.

Where to Stay : Located along the river St. Lawrence and within easy reach of Le Petit Champlain's shopping center, Hotel Auberge Saint-Antoine is a hotel that provides luxury guest rooms in Quebec City.

6. St. Petersburg, Russia
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In winter, St. Petersburg became like a miniature snowballs that actually exist in real life. In this city you will find a beautiful cathedral, a snowy park and a charming bridge. During winter, the entire city will be covered with snow with an average temperature of minus 6 degrees during January to February.

Where to Stay : State Hermitage Museum Official Hotel is an exclusive five star hotel located in the 1830s mansion, which feels in the center of St. Louis. Petersburg. This original museum heritage hotel offers luxurious rooms and suites with furnishings designed by wood experts from Florence, Italy.

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