4 Forbidden Things When Charging Smartphones Battery

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4 Forbidden Things When Charging Smartphones Battery

One of the activities that never separated from the use of a smartphone is the process of charging the battery. This is very easy, but there are some things that should not be done while in the process of charging the battery.

How to charge the correct battery, will certainly make the smartphone maintained. Therefore, users should not be arbitrary when charging the smartphone battery.

Smartphone users should pay attention to various things when charging the battery, from the condition to the ideal smartphone location. Here are 4 things you should not do while charging :

1. Do not wait for the battery to 0%

Each battery has a charging cycle that will affect its performance. When you charge the battery in 0 percent condition, it will probably make its performance decrease.

In a battery charging test under 25 percent, the cycle can reach 1,000 to 2,500. However, when the remaining 0 percent, then the battery charging cycle is approximately 300-500 only.

Looking at the test results, you should do the battery charging smartphone when it is in the condition of 30 percent.

2. Do not charge the battery at night.

Many people often do charging the battery at night, in order to use it tomorrow in 100 percent condition. In fact, you should not charge the battery overnight because of its capacity can be excessive.

Excessive battery charging capacity can certainly bring hazards. There are several events that can cause heat and explosion.

3. Do not use fake charger.

Using a fake charger, can not guarantee battery and smartphone security. In addition to low quality, fake charger output results are usually not in accordance with written specifications. For example, the output is written 2A, but it is not.

We encourage you to use original or certified chargers from related vendors. Fake chargers are cheaper, but can harm the smartphone in the long run.

4. Do not charge the battery on the mattress/bed.

Some people have bad habits when charging the battery, one of them put the phone on a mattress or a soft chair. In fact, this can actually adversely affect the battery and mobile phone.

The heat generated while charging the battery, will increase when in a soft place. Instead, charge your phone battery in a hard place such as a desk or floor.

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