5 This Habit is Often Done When Buying a New Smartphone

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5 This Habit is often Done When Buying a New Smartphone

Smartphone for the millennial children to be a must-have gadget. How come? From morning to night, the smartphone is always in the grip.

Some even often shower while accompanied by his favorite gadget. There is also not afdol it feels if not play social media on a smartphone before going to sleep.

Especially if you have a new smartphone, a variety of silly behavior can be subconsciously dilakuin millenial children. Let's admit, you must have rubbed smartphone screen cheeks cute baby tub. The heart must also be flowering after a month before can only see the idol smartphone from the ad alone.

Do not forget, you also directly buy 'clothes' so that your smartphone is not easily scratched. Hours can be spent by one suitable casing in your hand.

Arriving at home, you also can not wait for the smartphone is dicas. Once it is full, you instantly forget the time and can all day try the various cool features on your smartphone.

This hilarious experience is only a millenial Indonesian kid who knows. Here's a review five (5) fun habits that you do not realize you do when buying a new smartphone.

1. Install many social media applications but not used

Just first buy, various social media applications directly installed. Starting from Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and others so mandatory applications that exist in the smartphone.

The reason, pingin always update the latest developments. But behind it all, which often used was only partly.

2. Wipe the screen every five minutes

New smartphones should be maintained. By the screen that remains smooth, you are willing to wipe it every five minutes. Once there is spotting oil or dirt on the smartphone screen, it can make you self-confused. Sometimes, a box of tissue can be used for the sake of a clean smartphone screen. For those who are dedicated, a special laptop screen cloth is always faithful to accompany.

3. The HP Gallery is instantly filled with selfie photos

Seeing the front camera is very steady, the desire to take pictures selfie can not dammed. Just five minutes in hand, there are already 40 more photos in the smartphone gallery. Various selfie styles from silly to pretty or handsome have been tried. How else, a sophisticated front camera is the most powerful temptation.

4. Install the latest games that are again hits

For the sake of chasing the trend, various latest hits games directly installed on the smartphone. Starting from Pokemon Go, Mobile Legends, and others so your mainstay when free.

Eits, not just leisure time, you can even play a game all day on your smartphone. No matter day or night, playing games on the smartphone so the main activity.

5. Do not want to get out of the Smartphone all day

The new smartphone feels like a treasure. New features should be tried one on one. Not five minutes after the charge, you are directly tinkering with your smartphone. Starting from the wallpaper, locksreen, until the font type is replaced for the smartphone to be his own. Do not feel it's night, hands still holding the smartphone.

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